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Himalayan Hope Home
Himalayan Hope Home
Himalayan Hope Home
Children going back to school with our support
Children going back to school with our support

Dear Friends and Supporters, Namaste !

we hope despite the situation you all are in good health. Here in Nepal like anywhere in the world after very difficult one year we are again trapped by 2nd wave of Covid and things are shutting down once again, people are scared this will be a lot tougher this time.

We pray and hope that things will get better sooner than later and will have the courage to overcome this Pandemic. Our hopes are bigger than the current situation and we will together recover this.

The Small World has been dedicated for years to providing education to children and is convinced of its significance in breaking the cycle of poverty in Nepal.

Today, with the world still suffering from a global pandemic and forced lockdowns, tourism, a major source of income for Nepal, has been virtually nonexistent. With a dearth of tourists and no more burgeoning throngs of trekkers, porters and many others whose livelihoods depend on the tourism sector have been out of work for over a year.

Above and beyond the existing challenges for at risk children whose education and holistic wellbeing we have been supporting, the Covid-19 , lockdown and lost jobs situation has created a new classification of at-risk children, about 35 to 40% in rural areas, who had been attending school but have dropped out due to this loss of family income.

It’s an urgent matter, and we have developed this new program to help before the loss of education creates a crippling situation of further loss. We have seen evidence in the past that more serious future problems for their family and community will most likely manifest unless their education is restored.

Appealing for Himalayan Children's Education:

The Small World has been blessed for years with the volunteer work of many extraordinary international students who have learned firsthand about the challenges we face in Nepal and the importance of education for its children.

We welcome you as well as any other interested high school and university students and volunteers to join this project and participate as Ambassadors for Education. As advocates, they will have free rein to take the initiative and create new avenues to share our information with the world which can also include blogs and established social media – it’s up to them.

All ambassadors or supporters will meet remotely with us to share ideas, inspiration, receive updated information from Nepal, connect with community, and lead as change makers by working locally and impacting globally.

In these meetings, we will also discuss sustainable solutions and work together with the children’s families and local community members to help them come up with ideas for work so they can fund support on their own when this program ends.


• Our urgent hope is to provide 350 children with an education sponsorship program for just one year.

• $1.00 USD a day for one year & yearly $ 350 for a child will cover the school tuitions, uniforms, books, school bag, a set of clothing, and counseling for children and their families.

Support for these children during this global emergency will prevent them from becoming a permanent school dropout and save them from at risk situations like child labor and trafficking as well as girls being forced into becoming child brides.

Together, you and your sponsored child will start a special relationship that changes both your lives. Because of you, your sponsored child will have what every child deserves - a future.

You can join us to "Educate a Child to Educate the World" by donating or by being ambassdor of this project to share and create awareness among in your family, community and network in your own words because they know you and they understand your language better than anyone else .

  Donate Now 

Namaste ! and Thank you very much !

Karma and Sonam Sherpa 

children working for school education
children working for school education
children's who need your support
children's who need your support
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Greetings from Solukhumbu with view of Mt. EVEREST
Greetings from Solukhumbu with view of Mt. EVEREST
Dear All friends and supporters , Namaste ! 

I hope this emails finds you well.   I am very happy to share you about the current situation from from field in Solukhumbu about how our girls are doing during this COVID-19 pandemic as a human, economic and social crisis affecting everyone, and Nepal, like the rest of the world, has not been spared. 

With the rapid rise of coronavirus infections, Nepali governments have adopted measures to curb the spread, by closing markets, businesses and educational institutions for more than 6 months. The potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on girls’ education are numerous and diverse. In a country like Nepal even though the government tried to implement distance learning more than 80% families cannot afford to pay for internet, laptop or smart phones so many children are missing out on education this year.

Samjhana, grade 9 when this pandemic started and schools closed, she thought it will be just for a few days and we will be back to school but now it’s been almost 8 months and schools are still closed. It’s tough for her to get in online classes because since Kathmandu is hotspot for COVID, now hope girls are shifted to Solukhumbhu in Everest region and our elder sisters are teaching younger sisters there and girls are very happy learning from sisters with good motivation and everyone trying to teach each other and staying together as a lovely sisterhood.

Here, in the Everest region, besides teaching and learning, our girls are also actively participating in helping at our construction project site learning painting, hiking great Himalaya, cooking, and dancing. They love solukhumbu and everyone love you for all your generous support, helping to educated girls by keeping in school who otherwise will have at high risk of trafficking, child labors, abuse, child bride, early high child death rate and continue the circle but with your generous support together we are trying to break down the barriers that girls are facing many challenges here in Nepal.

During this pandemic, our very important work to keep girls safe and educate the world became more important than ever. Therefore, I like to extend tons of thanks for your most wise investment on girl’s education & supporting our mission.

We need your support more than ever! Please consider telling your friends and family about our work—you can share this link on social media, or just bring us up in conversation. Sharing with your community why you chose to support our organization, in your own language because they know you and understand better than anyone else.

Please Consider Making a Gift for Girls Education Today ! 

Thank you  and Namaste ! 
Karma & Sonam Sherpa 
Director & Co-Founder
The Small World

Hope girl Painting at project site
Hope girl Painting at project site
Love from Hope Girls
Love from Hope Girls
leaning together as a sisterhoods
leaning together as a sisterhoods


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Migrant worker moving to Village
Migrant worker moving to Village


Our Primary / Emergency Relief Support Program 

The Small World has to date provided over 500 families with relief food, especially families of trekking porters, day construction workers with lost jobs, single moms, young children, and elderly people who lost their jobs and urgently need our support.


Here in Nepal, COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing every day, mainly because thousands of migrant workers are returning home from lost jobs in India; unfortunately, most of them are infected. We expect that the Nepal government will soon declare a medical emergency with more limitation on services and movement.

Right now, though, hunger is a much more serious challenge than coronavirus, and guaranteed to be an issue long after the pandemic is over. After lockdown in the district of Solukhumbu (where our girls receive higher education at our school), over three dozen people have committed suicide; in the rest of Nepal, over 900 people have committed suicide, and yet we have just ten deaths from the virus so far. According to the World Food Program, an estimated 4.8 million people in Nepal were struggling with food security before the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, UNICEF warned that “over 4,000 children may die in Nepal in the next 6 months due to lockdown.”  


Secondary and Sustainable Relief Support Program 

We have had comprehensive discussions with the communities we provided with food relief support, and they have requested help in farming, a skill with which many of these families have never been involved or had experience. 

Meanwhile, more than two months of lockdown have halted transportation with drastic effects; it is estimated that returning to normalcy could take a minimum of a year or even two for the resumption of normal daily construction work, daily labor job opportunities, and trekking jobs for families. 

We have also realized that providing food relief support is not a permanent solution, so we have come up with a support program with the project name, “Seed Of Hope.” With this program, we plan to help communities grow their own food by providing seeds, orientation, and basic training by agricultural experts for seasonal farming, cash crops, kitchen gardens, organic compost, and organic pest control.


“Seed of Hope” Beneficiaries 

We are initiating this program in the Solu-Dhudkunda Municipality area, which is divided into eleven (11) wards, and forming mothers’ groups. There will be 20-25 women in each group and so far, 350 women have requested our support.  Every member will receive seeds and support from agricultural experts; many of our girls from the hostel and their families are also participating. 

Our program is actually not a training for individuals - it is in fact a beautiful family program. Every mother or family member who participates in our farming program will take this training and education to their home and share it with everyone there, especially the children.

With schools closed and online education not accessible for these children, at this point, we feel the best education for them is to become involved in growing their own food and learning about the new possibilities that farming presents.

As you know, road track opening and road construction in remote areas has been a highly prioritized effort in the last couple of years, with less focus on agriculture.

Thus, our goal for this program is to not only function on a practical level as described above, but also as a powerful organized movement. In this campaign, our goal is to motivate local communities and local government to focus on creating and bringing much more investment into the agricultural sector.

We at The Small World have 'been there' long before the news cameras arrived, and we’ll be there long after the cameras leave. Through our continued commitment, we have learned a great deal through years of experience and have the acumen and know-how to help our communities become more resilient to future disasters.

The Small World, which is a locally run organization, has the experience and skills to execute relief efforts on the ground quickly, easily and safely for people in urgent need in remote communities. We feel that we have proven our expertise with our success in previous difficult challenges, deeply understand community needs, and are well prepared to make a big difference in this current crisis. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, recovery efforts led by The Small World and Karma Sherpa, who lives and works in affected communities, are often taken for granted, and thus are largely overlooked and underfunded.


Seeds of Hope on Radio Program.


We are excited to announce that we are partnering this program with local Radio Himal FM and Khumbu FM, which has coverage of the entire area of eastern Nepal. This will be a ten-minute radio program to be broadcast for a month. Every day, we will talk about the Seeds of Hope program and share details about our mission and how we are taking action.

We plan to share the stories of women and mothers' groups who are participating in our program and focus on their stories and feelings in their own words. There will be interviews with local governments, including Mayors and Ward Presidents, to draw attention to much needed support for the agriculture sector during this pandemic.

We also will feature stories from children that will inspire other children to learn about farming and working with their mother on the farm, plus other stories which have never been shared before.

In this Seeds of Hope radio program, we will bring in agriculture experts to share their ideas and knowledge. Many local community members can directly contact these agriculture experts through this radio program and ask questions. Our goal is to reach over three million people in Province No. 1 with this important program!


The estimated budget per family is US$30; this includes more than ten seed varieties, the advice of agricultural experts, group formation or activation of existing support groups, media campaigns, and awareness programs. Our goal is to raised $30,000 reach directly one thousand (1000) women and their families, especially their children.

We believe there is a very good chance of success with far reaching impact, especially since our philosophy of providing opportunities to women and mothers is and always has been of prime importance; this is because their connections with family members and community are fundamentally the most active and energetic, and whose impact often reaches into neighboring communities.


Join Our Mission & Help The Small World by Pledging Your Support.

We need your support more than ever and our community need our support more than ever.

Thank you very much.
The Small World 

Receiving women relief support from Small World
Receiving women relief support from Small World
Foods relief support providing
Foods relief support providing


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We are very happy to welcome our newest member of Hope Family Phu Lhamu. She is 2.5 years old. She was born in solukhumbhu , in Everest region, in a family of porter. Her mother gave birth to 2 girls and 3 boys then she died while giving birth to last baby.

Phu Lhamu has 1 elder sister and 3  brothers. Her sister got married in the age of 15 and one (1) brother is adopted by a monastery, 1 brother is working for other people who is only 10 years old while 1 brother about 3.5 years went missing and found dead body in jungle probably attacked by wild animal.

Phu Lhamu is the youngest of all. After the death of her mother, her father married another young girl who is only 19 years old and she already gave birth to her own child. Among all of this Phulhamu was left without much care and attention. Local community members recommended Phulhamu to The Small World at Himalayan Hope Home program for support, while visiting by our team and local police she was found very vulnerable and we rescued 3 weeks ago and all hope girls family are very excited to welcome a cute sister.

Also we are very happy to share you that all our girls at Himalayan Hope home are safe, half of the senior gilrs are moved to Solukhumbu and juniour girls are here in hope safely with newly welcome one.

If you’re able, please make a donation to Nepal Emergency COVID-19 fund by The Small World. If you’re unable to donate at this time, there are many other ways you can support us!  You can advocate for us by sharing our mission with a family member or friend. Even a quick mention on your social media would mean the world to us.

Right now, we’re doing everything possible to keep safe the children we are supporting & provide services to our community . Your donation to this fund will help us to protect & feed nutritional foods over hundreds vulnerable children & Girls that we are taking care of everyday.  Your support will help us to prevent them from COVID-19 and provide them recreational & life skills activities.

In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are. Thank you for being part of our community. Without you, none of it is possible.


Stay safe and well,

Karma and Sonam Sherpa 


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Mary Christmas and happy New year from Our girls
Mary Christmas and happy New year from Our girls
Dear Small World's Community, Namaste ! 

Thank you very much for your generous donation on Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Because of your generous support. Your support will help us to ensure continuing education for orphaned and vulnerable children; keep girls in school and college who would otherwise be at highest risk of trafficking, especially when staying out of school; empower local communities through locally sustainable development; and continue our working together with international volunteers & high school students, sharing culture, meals, and lasting friendships that result in deeper perspectives for a more enlightened global citizen.

We are very excited and looking forward to working together with you in 2020!  See our “Great News” below! Here are our projects:

This project will provide a consistent supply of safe drinking water and eliminate the need for children and mothers to travel to collect water.  Our aim is to bring safe drinking water to every family, send children to school, and give mothers the opportunity for other productive work. This project will benefit over 500 people daily. 

# SUPPORT FOR 100 CHILDREN at Friends of Arhaus Children Home
This project is to support orphans and vulnerable children adversely affected by the Nepal earthquake and who have no educational opportunity. Our aim is to keep children in school, protect their basic right to an education, and break the cycle of the many challenges that children face every day in the remote villages of Nepal, such as hunger, lack of education and health care, poverty, child labor, etc.

In the remote Everest region of Nepal, seven out of ten girls drop out of school after grade 10. Other than for reasons of poverty, the prevailing cultural view in Nepal favors sending boys to school and keeping the girls at home to take care of household chores. As a result, the literacy rate of women is just 23%. In 2020, we will be supporting 25 girls in our higher education project

# BUILDING SIX EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT CLASSROOMS in Salleri, benefiting over 300 children every year. 

We will also be completing construction of the Phuleli Community Health center with plans to operate by the end of 2020. This project will serve the local communities who otherwise have to travel eight (8) hours by road to the nearest hospital for basic treatments as well as child deliveries and health emergencies.

•Girls' Higher Education project in Solukhumbu supporting forty (40) girls 
•Himalayan Hope Home, supporting thirty-five (35) girls in Kathmandu. Hopefully, many of you met with our girls in Kathmandu and shared dinner and some beautiful dancing. Thank you so very much for your support and stopping by. The girls love meeting you all!

Until the end of 2019, our long term donor, Ruth Lightfoot-Dunn, will be matching 100% of ALL of your donations! Any donation you make will be matched! For example, If you make a donation of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more, she will match it! But the donation must be made by the end of 2019.  Our goal is to raise $50K at year end to realize all our important work in 2020. 

Help us unlock an additional $25K match!
Please consider sharing this link:  https://www.thesmallworld.org/matching on social media, and telling your friends and family about our project - or just bring us up in conversation. Help us spread the word about our work and continue to grow our community of supporters like you.

We at The Small World and all the children that you are supporting thank you again and again for your kindness and help that is creating a much better life for so many children. You are helping to create a better world for all of us! 

Thank you and Namaste !   

Karma Sherpa 
Executive Director & Co-Founder 
*The Small World*
Email: karma@thesmallworld.org 
The Small World Accomplishment in 2019 

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