Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Amount Raised (USD),Donors,Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 164,30252,Blankets for vulnerable Yemeni families,abdullah alsuraihi,36872,youth for homeland (YFH),408,8,0,408 232,30834,Reducing Vulnerability in Juveniles in detention,Mambu Samadu Feika,34154,www.prisonwatchsl.org,88,4,0,88 147,30257,Help Low-Income Girls in BK make Activist Theater!,Toya Lillard,45243,viBe Theater Experience,525,2,0,525 267,29975,Eradication of Child Marriage in Ghana,Agyapah Buah,43333,support for community mobilization project/program,0,0,0,0 245,30667,Find Chilean victim child trafficking birth family,constanza del rio,43717,ong nos buscamos,50,2,0,50 266,29986,Help 275 Aged People Get Food and Clothes,Chris Paul Mbuvi,42952,msasi,10,1,0,10 267,30181,EDUCATION AND REINSERTION OF WOMEN 300 VULNERABLE,Marc BALOLEBWAMI,29026,managementsystem asbl,0,0,0,0 255,28819,Water Access and Enterprise Development in Kibera,John Kamau,36316,k-Rep Development Agency,25,1,0,25 267,28076,Amazing Human Race in South Africa,Susan Hill,31282,iKhayalethemba Project,0,0,0,0 199,31042,Royal Family KIDs Alberton Camp 2018,Gavin Meyers,44487,i4118 Foundation,209,3,0,209 267,30651,Rapid HIV Test for 1500 drug addicts for one year,Judith Namasaka,44370,africandivinechurchselfhelpgrouporganisation,0,0,0,0 267,29663,Binga - Zimbabwe Rural Women Economic Empowerment,Matron Muleya,35764,Zubo Trust,0,0,0,0 267,31043,Speech Therapy Clinic to Work on Speech Impairment,Ronke Katagum,34499,Zamarr Institute Ltd/Gte,0,0,0,0 267,30676,Donate Desks to Schools in Rural India,Swetha Rao,11494,Yuva Bengaluru,0,0,0,0 249,30450,Rooting Out Infant Malnutrition,Happy Arnold,39448,Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development,37,2,0,37 267,30038,Keep a girl child in School,Teddy Nazziwa,42923,Youth for charity missions international (Yofochm),0,0,0,0 165,30405,Creating Employment for 50 Young people F.P Uganda,George William Akora,14219,Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE) Foundation,400,6,0,400 267,30682,HIV/AIDS prevention campaign to orphan refugees,Beski Kitumaini,38699,Youth Refugee Empowerment Community Limited,0,0,0,0 267,30623,Piggery management for 70 young mothers in Kasese,Bwambale Morish,18350,Youth Partnership Uganda,0,0,0,0 213,29955,Education for 800 Refugee Children in Rural Uganda,Ntakiruti James Gihoma,42533,Youth Initiative for Development in Africa (YIDA),150,3,0,150 267,27711,"Early Education, My Fighting Chance from Abuse",Cooper Chibomba,34987,Youth First Development,0,0,0,0 154,30946,Sexual Health & Dignity for Girls in Nigeria,Charlotte Obidairo,42415,Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative - YEDI,484,6,0,484 267,30148,Training Tanzanians: Well Being and Healthy Living,Ayesha Samji,36604,Yoga for Wellness Tanzania,0,0,0,0 9,30748,"Educate 50,000 Ugandan kids w/offline learning app",Erin Fitzgerald,45118,Yiya Engineering Solutions,"13,878",44,0,"13,878" 267,30850,Providing Health Service to Mentally ill children,Rakesh Narayan,43178,YUVA (Youths Union For Voluntary Action),0,0,0,0 245,30579,Give 100 Needy Children a Year of School,Krishna Athal,44790,YUVA,50,3,0,50 225,30041,Moringa for the Nutritional Health of 1000Children,TOSSOU Béranger,30784,YOUTH SERVICE AFRICA (YSA),110,2,0,110 267,31144,Combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic through soccer,Geofrey Chirchir,39477,YOUTH HORIZONS,0,0,0,0 267,30866,Livelihoods for 1165 Youths in Kuwadzan,Douglas Muzondo,44110,YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TRUST,0,0,0,0 248,29228,Eco Guards - WWF-Pakistan custodian's of nature,WWF Pakistan,43227,World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan,40,2,0,40 119,30497,Stop Bride Kidnapping of Girls in Kyrgyzstan,Ahna Machan,43495,World Justice Project,908,14,0,908 241,30184,"EMPOWERING DEAF, BLIND PEOPLE IN UGANDA",Andre Ebouaney,26262,World Action Fund,60,4,0,60 85,30697,Raising our Voices: Global Campaigning for SRHR,Marevic Parcon,44938,Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights,"1,993",28,0,"1,993" 167,30299,"Access to SRHR services for disabled women, girls",Edinah Masiyiwa,45280,Women's Action Group,396,8,0,396 267,30926,Groceries with Elderly Women,Phati Bukhrikidze,35718,Woman and Development,0,0,0,0 23,30392,"Esme, the Rescued Rhino at HESC",Adine Roode,44741,Wildlife Conservation Trust,"8,622",65,0,"8,622" 75,30572,Give Sinks to 100 Schools in Cambodia and Vietnam,Lin Lu,43321,WaterSHED,"3,050",29,0,"3,050" 267,30638,"Inclusion, Integration and Transformation",Stephen Nkomeni,7806,Watch Your Life Movement,0,0,0,0 266,30390,Child Protection 40 Child Palestine,Warm home,25797,Warm Home Associations,10,1,0,10 266,30986,20 Girl Bag-Packs Back To School in Kenya,Auleria Otieka,41982,Wanawake Tujikuze for Empowerment (WTWAE),10,1,0,10 245,30837,Educate Youth about Agriculture and Food Security,Alpha Sennon,42731,WHYFARM,50,2,0,50 240,30852,Promoting 1000 Women Micro Entrepreneurs on Jute,Ela Mathi,38518,Voluntary Association for Peoples Service (VAPS),65,1,0,65 267,31030,Support farmer's children education in Nigeria,Yemisi Jeff-Agboola,35947,Voice of Women in the Development of Agriculture,0,0,0,0 267,30745,Vocational skills for rural young women and girls,George Owak,27179,Voice of Hope and Restoration Outreach Uganda,0,0,0,0 267,30595,free primary health care to 70000 tribal in India,Dinesh Parikh,9934,Vishvakalyan Society,0,0,0,0 267,30581,Sweaters for girls to attend school in winters,Lavalina Sogani,10652,Vimukti Sanstha,0,0,0,0 224,30206,Philly prepares youth in CPR/First Aide Cert,Sonja Kiett,31922,"Village of Champions Youth Network, Inc.",120,2,0,120 74,30661,"Rain Water Collection Tanks-Lweza, Uganda",Kimberly Isely,43050,Village Health Project,"3,055",48,0,"3,055" 126,30938,Educate 500 refugee children in northern Uganda,Denis Pato,41968,Vijana Corps,740,14,0,740 259,30731,PROVISION OF SANITARY PADS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP TR,Ann Kabui,28015,Victorious Teens Bridge International,20,2,0,20 65,30883,Children's Health Wellness Center,Nnenna Okoturo,39745,Venerable Sydney Children's Wellness Center,"5,016",66,0,"5,016" 267,27248,Capacity Building to 500 Entrepreneurs on Vayando.,Jason Seagle,39088,Vayando,0,0,0,0 106,30325,Help Children Deal with Trauma in SA Township,Sue Burger,43926,Valley Development Projects,"1,321",14,0,"1,321" 267,30518,Mizbaan - Public Awareness Campaign on Deafness,vandana saini,43433,Vaani Deaf Childrens Foundation,0,0,0,0 59,30367,Save a Rhino,Deborah McCauley,44658,VIEW,"5,072",57,0,"5,072" 202,30699,"BPO training for college students in Nahur, India",Vidyadhiraja education society,42718,VIDYADHIRAJA EDUCATION SOCIETY,200,1,0,200 219,30249,Build an Agri-clinic for 128 Villages in Vidarbha,Narayan Solanke,44764,Universal Versatile Society,137,2,0,137 267,26498,Earn It! Keep It! Save It!,Maureen Torres,35977,United Way Of The Bay Area,0,0,0,0 267,30339,Save the future generation,Wilfred Sarsah,44430,United Africa Development Aid,0,0,0,0 54,30817,"Provide 50,000 health services in Mexico",Griselda Fernandez,45160,"Un Buen Grupo de Amigos, Asociacion Civil","5,255",48,0,"5,255" 267,30768,"Among us, for a culture of self-care",Gerardo Cabrera Resendiz,44837,"UNIDAD DE ATENCION SICOLOGICA SEXOLOGICA Y EDUCATIVA PARA EL CRECIMIENTO PERSONAL, A.C.",0,0,0,0 264,30190,"Enroll 14,000 men for HIV treatment in Uganda",Eric Kibirige,44082,UGANDA N'EDDAGALA N'OBUWANGWA BWAFE,13,1,0,13 25,30346,Help Tanzanian Youth Make Tech to Help Themselves,John Nzira,45193,Twende,"7,400",61,0,"7,400" 267,30153,"Sanitary Towels for 1,000 Refugee Girls in Kampala",Kiconco Grace,30806,Turget Uganda,0,0,0,0 267,30519,Specialized Care for 60 Disabled Adults,Helen Goodson,44218,Turfhall Cheshire Home,0,0,0,0 172,30013,Healthcare for 300 Immigrant Women in Difficulty,Tuong Lai Centre,42556,Tuong Lai Centre for Health Education and Community Development,354,10,0,354 267,29475,Promoting Access to Justice for Survivors of GBV,Peter Mwewa,43032,Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to end violence against women,0,0,0,0 267,30366,Educate Disadvantaged Girls in Southern Africa,DORCAS TSHUMA,32710,Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative NPC,0,0,0,0 245,30928,Provide Dental Care to 9000 students in India,Dr. Tony Thomas,35883,Trinity Care Foundation,50,1,0,50 226,30046,Restore Area of Degraded Mount Kenya Forest,Paulino Damiano,36567,Trees for Kenya,102,7,0,102 267,30647,"Iron Folic Acid for 38,000 Girls in Ethiopia",Tiruzer Ethiopia,43150,Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA),0,0,0,0 267,30103,Help 73 Tanzanian vulnerable Children go to school,Owen Jackson Lazaro,39157,Timiza Action Foundation (TA Foundation),0,0,0,0 255,30782,Counsel 40 Schools on Gender Based Violence,Isaac Kwabena Kakpeibe,42153,Tim Africa Aid Ghana,25,1,0,25 60,28767,Saving Bandhavgarh's Wild Tigers from Poachers,Corinne Taylor-Smith,38968,Tigers4Ever,"5,062",61,0,"5,062" 267,30964,Empowering Youth Through Film,Nathaniel Dennison,42912,Through My Eyes Foundation,0,0,0,0 100,29528,Empowering 100 Disadvantaged Sri Lankan Girls,Joel Stanier,34869,Their Future Today,"1,496",26,0,"1,496" 213,30276,Empowering 224 Destitute Guinean Children,Bernadette Sylla,44481,"Thee Bee Project, Inc",150,7,0,150 267,30851,Tech Training and Jobs for 17 Young Women,Israel Oladejo,36788,The Visiola Foundation,0,0,0,0 248,30491,Buy a Goat for a Widow in Pap Onditi,Nicholas Ojwando,44428,The Sophia Foundation,40,1,0,40 38,30943,Support Up to Six Community Leaders in Honduras,Carolyn Neuhaus,24072,The Solidarity Project,"5,937",53,0,"5,937" 56,30316,Give Hope to Kisumu's Children during COVID-19,Mansi Kotak,35226,The Rahul Kotak Foundation,"5,103",71,0,"5,103" 267,31129,Housing 25 girls rescued from FGM in Kajiado,Joseph Mary,43015,The Prince of Peace Fellowship (PPF),0,0,0,0 259,30402,Pay tuition to 500 poor children to finish school,Ruth Jeng,44681,The Peach Foundation,20,1,0,20 105,30058,Empowering the Girl Child through Education,Dauda Koroma,31459,The Needy Today,"1,329",20,0,"1,329" 267,29332,Cayman's Secret Weapon to Stop Climate Change,Catherine Childs,31979,The National Trust for the Cayman Islands,0,0,0,0 267,30060,Give Healthcare to 2400 Women in Rural Nicaragua,susan cotton,40827,"The Lily Project, Inc.",0,0,0,0 220,30690,UNiTE to End Violence Against Women and Girls,martin Dolny,39479,The Joe Slovo Foundation NPC,134,1,0,134 218,30875,Prosthesis For 15 Child Amputees Across Nigeria,The IREDE Foundation,34541,The IREDE Foundation,138,2,0,138 267,30677,IDPs/Youth Sensitization/Securitization in Nigeria,Edim Michael,37639,The Heroes and Heroines of Peace and Unity Initiative,0,0,0,0 137,30655,"Love for Loro: Kids Helping Kids, Across the Globe",Riley Webb,42096,"The Front Porch Project, Inc.",640,5,0,640 36,30835,Support science clubs for 600 girls in Ghana,Connie Chow,44577,The Exploratory,"6,047",48,0,"6,047" 8,30720,Help Feed and Support 650 Students in Guatemala,Carolyn Meyers,44332,The Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC),"15,322",67,0,"15,322" 55,30570,"Winter clothes, guides to US for Darfur refugees",Phil L Nippert,45126,"The Doroti Organization for Humanitarian Services, Incorporated","5,250",91,0,"5,250" 267,31027,Donate Cancer Handbooks to Families in Nigeria,The Dorcas Cancer Foundation,44866,The Dorcas Cancer Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30082,Creation of Girl Child Friendly Community,BINOD CHANDRA PRASAD,9291,The Credence,0,0,0,0 217,30501,Children's Remedial Reading in Trinidad & Tobago,Miriam Davis,43487,The Cotton Tree Foundation,140,2,0,140 17,29847,"Bring innovative libraries to 100,000 Africans",Helena Asamoah-Hassan,42793,The African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA,"9,743",74,0,"9,743" 267,30121,Provide Education for Student-Athletes In-Need,Douglas Reed,40087,Team Hurricane Basketball Academy,0,0,0,0 7,30840,Join the Teach For Pakistan Movement,Zain Murtaza Maken,43399,Teach for Pakistan,"16,110",139,0,"16,110" 62,30357,Financial Literacy for Female Refugees in Colorado,Linnie Pawlek,44498,"Teach by Tech, Inc.","5,050",44,0,"5,050" 267,30437,QUALITY LIFE TO 150 BLIND WOMAN IN TABORA,Mabokela Saidi,32654,Tanzania League of the Blind,0,0,0,0 181,30842,Digitizing Civic Education in Tajikistan,Gulnora Gafurova,39463,TajRupt,300,5,0,300 267,30742,Help 150 Single Young Mother in Chamwino District,Sosthenes Maganja,42990,TUANZE Community Support Organization,0,0,0,0 252,30266,SEND A NEEDY CHILD TO SCHOOL IN KENYA FOR A YEAR,Modesta Bochaberi,39825,TOKU CHILDREN EDUCATION ORGANIZATION,27,1,0,27 267,30614,Educate 200 AIDS and Grieving Orphans in Uganda,George Konyen,43556,THE STORES OF MERCY (TSM) - UGANDA,0,0,0,0 11,30319,Feed 107 malnourished children in Madagascar,Jessica Wilkinson,44422,THE LIAHONA CHILDREN'S NUTRITION AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION,"12,941",66,0,"12,941" 267,30220,CAREER CHOICE MAKING SENSITIZATION,Matthew Kalu,32184,THE FUTURE IN YOU FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 267,30624,Support 1000 women Against violence in Tanzania,Ngitta paul,5717,TANZANIA PEOPLES DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,0,0 150,29420,Computers for Deaf Students,Tumaini Ngajilo,33845,TANZANIA EMPOWERMENT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY AND GENDER HEALTH ORGANIZATION,500,1,0,500 93,30753,Support principals of poor schools in Limpopo,Beverley Basson,40209,Symphonia for South Africa,"1,621",45,0,"1,621" 259,30750,"Teach swimming to 50 kids in Benin, West Africa.",,40860,Swim Benin,20,1,0,20 127,30154,Save 1500 Street dogs from death in Afghanistan,Nasem Zahed,34701,Sustainable Development Organization for Women- SDOFW,713,11,0,713 241,30698,Organic Farming for Small Farmers in Tanzania,Janet Maro,37996,Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania,60,2,0,60 227,30258,Stop child marriage by keeping 78 girls in School,Murli Nakappan,31768,Surya-Chandra Foundation,100,1,0,100 194,30543,Educate 200 children without parents in Sri Lanka.,Kathryn Lucas,29976,Sunray foundation,225,2,0,225 267,29944,Building A Bakery Factory for Increased Incomes,Mukaire Rashid,41010,Struggle Against Poverty,0,0,0,0 29,30576,Help Children in Need to Become Leaders of Change,Ana Vieru,39352,Streetaware Association,"7,008",40,0,"7,008" 267,30081,Creative Youth Boot Camp (3rd Edition),Ehiaghe Rita Ezenwa-Okoro,6734,Street Project Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,28269,Help 50 orphan girls hygiene and sanitation,Hassain SyedC,37301,Star Youth Association,0,0,0,0 61,30979,SIFM - Assistance to Transition Back to Society,Barbara Nelson,44384,"Standing In Faith Ministries, Inc.","5,051",46,0,"5,051" 103,30230,Build a pre school and educate poor children,Godfrey Sseremba,32957,Sprout Care Foundation,"1,447",24,0,"1,447" 267,30489,Sportstec Homeground,Charmaine Flockhart,31056,Sportstec Foundation Trust,0,0,0,0 188,30342,Sustainable WASH Infrastructure for School,Pradeep Khadka,43272,Splash Nepal,253,10,0,253 255,30910,MagicMobility - The Ultimate Joy Ride!,Daniel Goodman,43919,Special Kids Fund INC,25,1,0,25 267,30407,Empower 35 Girls in Bangladesh to attend College,Troy Anderson,42027,Speak Up for the Poor,0,0,0,0 267,30844,Bring hope to 300 malnourished children in India,Prakash Michael,18531,Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti,0,0,0,0 244,30678,Healing for 150 victims of violence in Zimbabwe,Chamunorwa Vincent Chipangurs,33464,Southern Institute of Peace-building and Development (SIPD),51,1,0,51 81,29831,Venezuela | Let's Give a Helping Hand to Venezuela,Blade Thomas,42484,South American Initiative,"2,195",16,0,"2,195" 247,30575,Nobody Should Go Blind JUST Because They Are Poor!,Tonie Konig,43551,South African Sight Enhancement Initiative,45,2,0,45 37,30594,Evian III "Vision 2020" Leadership Conference,Elihu Baver,42686,Sosua75 Inc,"6,037",48,0,"6,037" 267,30473,"Support unmet needs of 100 OVC in Kampala, Uganda",somero Uganda,42346,Somero Uganda,0,0,0,0 190,30237,Give a Christmas Gift to 500 Orphans in Namibia,Constancio Mwandingi,25495,Solidarity Community Care Organisation,235,5,0,235 166,30865,Sanitary pads assistance for 5000 girls in Nigeria,Ukaoma Uche,43370,Solace For She And Child Care Initiative,400,1,0,400 267,30688,Engage in Decision-Making and Lead SRH by Youth,Ajibola Oladejo,45159,Socio Community Youth Association of Nigeria (SCOYAN),0,0,0,0 189,30511,Income Generation Program for Poor Widows,Victoira Asirvatham,9970,Society for women's Education and Awareness Development,250,1,0,250 16,30587,Scholarships for Intelligent but Needy Students,Bonnie Mendes,44036,Society for Human Development,"9,765",53,0,"9,765" 267,30997,Imparting early education to the tribal children,John J Kennedy,15718,Society for Community Action Network-India (SCAN-INDIA),0,0,0,0 267,30937,Accelerate Small Nonprofits: Sponsored Coworking,Melissa Duggan,42338,Social Innovation Forum,0,0,0,0 267,31006,OVC Basic services provision,Thuli Maziya,43392,Snatisa Lubombo,0,0,0,0 130,30255,Basic Cooking Needs Of Yemeni Displaced,Abdulalem Mahyoub,40242,Smile Organization for Relief and Development(SORD),685,11,0,685 267,30512,Eco tour walking on the nature of Bitovik Hill,Slobodan Martinovic,45104,Slobodan Martinovic,0,0,0,0 136,30639,Save a Ugandan albino child from Skin Cancer,Michael Sabiiti,14355,Site for Community Services Programme(SCOSP),642,6,0,642 267,31039,build home for 40 elderly widows,Sharon Society of Pondicherrry,41255,Sharon Society of Pondicherry,0,0,0,0 195,30130,Girl-Friendly Latrine to Boost School Attendance,Lucas Akol,39149,Share Child Opportunity Eastern and Northen Uganda (SCOEN),222,6,0,222 267,30446,Empowering Less Privileged Girls And Women,Alexander Kedje,4367,Shape Lives International,0,0,0,0 233,29941,Early Childhood Education Project - Sri Lanka,Serving Humanity Foundation,30214,Serving Humanity Foundation,85,2,0,85 267,30250,"\"My Baby, My Life\": Promoting Maternal Care",Serene Mobile Health,42631,Serene Health For All Mobile Clinic,0,0,0,0 211,30116,Provide Water to 4600 people in Eritrea,Berhe Gebrehiwot,32154,"Senai Foundation, Inc.",158,6,0,158 267,30509,Safe drinking water for 300 people in Masaiti,Elijah Mutafya,41026,Seeds of Hope International Partnerships Zambia,0,0,0,0 180,30858,Create livelihood for 50 women in Pakistan,Zain Ashraf,44390,Seed Out,313,19,0,313 51,30243,Eyeway- Support the Blind,Shruti Pushkarna,45127,Score Foundation,"5,388",49,0,"5,388" 267,30493,Help Counter Violent Extremism in Kenya,Scion Trust,44906,Scion Trust,0,0,0,0 267,30326,Baringo Fruit Tree Project,Kenfrey Katui,28182,Saving and Conservation of Our Planet Earth Intervention (Scope Intervention),0,0,0,0 267,30207,Bring Back 5 Beekeepers to St John US Virgin Isle,Jasmine Adolphe,44426,"Save the Bees, Inc.",0,0,0,0 201,30734,Freedom &Justice to 500 victims of Sex Trafficking,jyoti nale,6040,Save The Children India,206,5,0,206 162,30468,Give clean water to 5000 school kids in Tanzania,Florence Mdodi,43208,Save Education and Future Development Foundation,425,6,0,425 267,30524,Help Roof of 300 Migrate Child In India,Ramesh Kute,37374,"Saraswati Sevabhavi Sanstha,Bhatwadgaon",0,0,0,0 267,30376,Empowerment of 150 women with disabilities.,Mrs. Agnes Ojeba Abiodun,41807,Sapphire Initiative for Girl Child Literacy and Empowerment,0,0,0,0 267,30954,Empower 100 Rural Women in Zimbabwe,Moreblessing Mutswiri,35442,Sanning Foundation Trust,0,0,0,0 14,30598,Assist with SHRI's COVID-19 Response Efforts,Anoop Jain,33394,Sanitation and Health Rights in India,"10,541",75,0,"10,541" 86,30785,Know the Signs Implementation in United States,Sarah Holroyd,45025,Sandy Hook Promise Foundation,"1,896",7,0,"1,896" 267,30746,Behavioral intervention training project,Sindujaa Nandhakumar Selliah,44557,"Samutthana Kings College London Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health",0,0,0,0 242,30460,Give Food and Scholarships to School Kids in Kenya,Miriam Maina,44120,Sally Maina Foundation,55,3,0,55 266,30896,"Help HIV AIDS Patient, their Child in Nagpur India",Vijay Kshirsagar,43147,Sahyadri Gramin Vikas Bahuddeshiya Sanstha,10,1,0,10 153,30323,"Champion - Community Health, Test & Treat.",Elizabeth Selhore,44366,Sahara CFRCAR (Centre for Residential Care And Rehabilitation,490,6,0,490 107,30963,Help Trauma Survivors Heal Through Art,Cleopatra Griffin,45088,"SafeArt, Inc.","1,309",24,0,"1,309" 79,30775,Keep a raped or sexually abused girl in school,Sandra Omo Idugboe,42587,Safe Love International,"2,345",7,0,"2,345" 245,30548,Help Mothers Live Drug Free,YAISA HAGOOD,43604,ST. MARTIN DE PORRES HOUSE OF HOPE,50,1,0,50 246,30577,Educate 50 poor girls of coal mines in Jharkhand,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,39064,SRIJAN FOUNDATION,48,1,0,48 178,30409,Feed the 500 Hungry children in South Sudan,Festo Bali,31395,SOUTH SUDAN COMMUNITY CHANGE AGENCY (SOSUCCA),318,4,0,318 267,29946,"HELP 1,672 YOUTH TO ACCESS COMPUTER LITERACY AGAIN",SOSTHENE NTEZIYAREMYE,38815,SOLIDARITE POUR LA PROMOTION DES JEUNES,0,0,0,0 145,30560,Liberation of the Girl Child through Education,RAJENDRAN DHANDPANI,43857,"SOCIETY FOR EDUCATIONAL ,ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT",554,9,0,554 267,30562,Build a learning center for 500 Street Girls-Kenya,Slum Child Foundation,34808,SLUM CHILD FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 158,30889,Keep Syrian Children Warm this Winter,Civil Care,42759,SIVIL HIMAYE DERNEGI,448,9,0,448 267,30458,Support a Library to Eradicate Illiteracy,John Malamba,41142,SIAYA COMMUNITY LIBRARY,0,0,0,0 267,30303,SHE IS AMBASSADORS OF PEACE,Juan Bernal,45161,SHE IS,0,0,0,0 266,30088,Protecting Children of Imprisoned Mothers,PREM GROVER,41177,SEVAC Foundation Uganda,10,1,0,10 267,30159,Help Onlooking to undergo Plastic Surgery,Abdul Samad Said,9581,SENSITIZATION CENTRE,0,0,0,0 6,30838,Save 50 Animals A Month From Euthanasia In Florida,Kathleen Wells,41652,"SAVE A PET FLORIDA, INC.","16,128",54,0,"16,128" 267,30776,Prosthetics and Mobility,Rajesh Vaidheeswarran,44098,"SANKARA HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION, INC.",0,0,0,0 267,30980," Live with Learn"- Seekh Kar Jeena,shishupal khobragade,40337,SAMTA JAN KALYAN SAMITI,0,0,0,0 267,30878,Hinsa Mukt Samaj,Ranvijay Kumar,17329,SAHYOGI,0,0,0,0 267,30516,Give 100 Dairy Goats to Poor Households in Uganda,Bwambale Daniel,43036,Rwenzori Mountains Baghuma Integrated Association (RAMBIA),0,0,0,0 230,29987,Donate birth kits to save 1000 women in Nigeria,Muhammad Saddiq,34403,Rural Health Mission Nigeria,92,2,0,92 160,30457,Natural Medicine training in 10 Kenyan communities,Roger Sharland,43809,Rural Extension with Africa's Poor,430,5,0,430 245,30907,5-Hectare Vegetable Garden for 200 Women and Youth,Momodou Y Bah,40997,Rural Development Organization,50,1,0,50 267,30779,Health & Edu. Support to 100 vulnerable children,GuanueAnthony Diakpo,40778,Rural Community Agriculture Health and Education Aid (RUCAHEA) Inc,0,0,0,0 149,30290,Provide safe water to 200 slum children In India,Dharamvir Singh,7753,Rural Centre for Human Interests,510,2,0,510 262,30467,Friendly methods aimed at protecting brown bear,Kastriot Korro,45114,Royal Albania Foundation (RAF) Our foundation working in Albania and Western Balkan,17,2,0,17 20,30864,Therapy Centre,Sally Duncan,45300,Rotary Club of Four Marks and Medstead Trust Fund,"9,273",153,0,"9,273" 267,30510,Providing Vocational Skills for 170 youth in India,Ananth Kittappa,41140,Rotary Club Of Madras East Trust,0,0,0,0 22,30729,Eliminate Homelessness for Oakland's Unsheltered,Noha Aboelata,40377,Roots Community Health Center,"8,725",72,0,"8,725" 255,30336,Empower Women Against Terrorism,Ripples Foundation USA,44085,Ripples Foundation USA,25,1,0,25 267,30770,Educate 150 children in Kenya,Lameck Odhiambo Odero,40246,Resurge Children East Africa,0,0,0,0 267,30689,Assin Wurakese Fostering Youth Centre Construction,Rimmy Francis Amakye,35989,Reproductive Advocate Health Education Ghana,0,0,0,0 255,29042,Advancing Renewable Energy in Alaska,Jodi Fischer,42064,Renewable Energy Alaska Project,25,1,0,25 267,29974,Assist the Well Being of Poor People in Uganda,Pascal Mugisha,38514,Relief Development Effort Limited,0,0,0,0 267,30304,From Victims to Survivors Vocational Training,Graciela Colin,9477,Regional Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin American and the Caribbean,0,0,0,0 267,30764,Border Checkpoint Medical Justice,Jasmin Patel,26101,Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES),0,0,0,0 71,30602,Stand Up for Refugees Around the World,Alexandra Tamiko Da Dalt,39091,Refugee Assistance and Information Network International,"3,542",19,0,"3,542" 160,30191,Christmas gift for 270 rescued dogs in Venezuela!,Katherine Fernández,44575,Red de Apoyo Canino,430,13,0,430 267,30952,Harmony Preschool_Invest in the Next Generation,Elizabeth Dickey,33556,Ready for Reading,0,0,0,0 183,30260,Sustainable Skills and Empowerment for Girls.,Kizito Anthony,45087,Reach Out Nkokonjeru Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative,286,1,0,286 266,31037,Tammy Morrison Women & Children's Hospital,Hellen Tanyinga,40504,Rape Hurts Foundation,10,1,0,10 243,30431,Half - way House - Damian,Ranc Emanuel,41700,Ranc Emanuel,51,1,0,51 267,30459,Support Village Savings and Loans of 90 Women,alex bitosa,42500,RWENZORI CATERING SERVICES,0,0,0,0 227,30317,Planting 1000 trees to check carbon emission India,Mahip Dagar,25973,RUCHI (Rural Centre for Human Interests),100,1,0,100 267,30859,INSPIRING YOUTH IN PREVENTING VIOLENT EXTREMISM,regional centre for international development coor RCIDC,38568,REGIONAL CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COORPERATION,0,0,0,0 267,27064,SUPPORT RURAL YOUTH & UNSKILLED LABOUR FOR SKILL D,sandeep kadam,26114,RAMPARVA SAMAJIK SHAIKSHANIK SEVA SAMITI,0,0,0,0 255,30886,Health does not have price,RAME ONG,36030,RAME (Network for Access to Essentiel drugs),25,1,0,25 129,30101,Support 100 orphan girls sexually abused in congo,Thadde Isay,41646,RAAPS-UK(NETWORK OF ACTIONS AND SUPPORTS FOR SOCIAL PROTECTION),686,15,0,686 240,30815,Save The Newborn in North Gonja District,Habib Haruna,43576,Pure Trust Social Investors Foundation,65,3,0,65 267,30965,Help Raise Money for Educating Poor Village Boys,Geetha Mohandas,45278,Punarnava Ayurveda Trust,0,0,0,0 28,30822,Tracking clean cookstoves & fuel in Haiti,David Stillman,45316,Public-Private Alliance Foundation,"7,040",51,0,"7,040" 267,30421,Jocoteca therapy 40 children violated in Durango,Karla Georgina Cumplido González,44712,Proyecto Durango A.C.,0,0,0,0 267,30961,Train 180 Haitian Women in Beekeeping,Jackie Baldino,36049,"Prosperity Catalyst, Inc.",0,0,0,0 267,30812,Rehabilitate 60 Substance Abuse Victims in Kericho,Faith Tanui,40989,Project PendoAfrica Foundation,0,0,0,0 170,30905,Bring Vision to Premature Babies in Peru,Joshua Jones,45190,"Project Orbis International, Inc.",375,2,0,375 15,30687,Educate 80 children with disabilities in Sri Lanka,Katherine de Kretser,43937,Prithipura Communities,"9,847",78,0,"9,847" 267,30799,Mobile Computer Lab for Public Primary Schools,PEN Tanzania,40020,Priority for entreprenuership Network (PEN TANZANIA),0,0,0,0 179,29947,Support 300 Orphans with Education Support,Abu Bakkarr Sesay,40549,Preach Peace Organization,315,9,0,315 99,30762,50 Guatemalan educated girls will be unstoppable!,Jackeline Macario,45049,Plan International Inc. Guatemala,"1,516",38,0,"1,516" 210,30984,#OperationBuchog: NutriMeal for 500 PinoyWish Kids,PinoyWish Foundation,43481,Pinoy Wish Foundation Inc.,163,4,0,163 157,30929,Resilience Academy Mental Health Classes for Teens,Erin McKay,32703,Pieta House,449,12,0,449 191,30542,Empower 25 girls in rural Bulgaria,Marina Kisyova de Geus,38708,Peace Research Institute - Plovdiv,230,7,0,230 245,30483,Prevent 1200 Teenagers from Pregnancy in Sindh,Peace Foundation,8815,Peace Foundation,50,1,0,50 267,30429,Help feed 300pupils in Patmos Mathare slums;Kenya,Richard Wanjala Manya,10079,PatmosCare and Development Centre,0,0,0,0 131,30209,Build a training centre for 500 Ugandan women,Hellen Ziribagwa,43264,Pass It on Trust Uganda,682,13,0,682 229,29336,Improve Nutrition Literacy to 5000 Women in Zambia,Arnold Kunda,36732,Participatory Action for Community Empowerment,95,1,0,95 267,30114,Parkview Orphans achievers Shelter,John Mutua Kivunja,38808,Parkview Orphans Achievers Shelter,0,0,0,0 267,30048,Provide One Month Meal to 5000+ Poor Children,MUKESH GARG,11338,Parivartan sandesh foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30993,Special Gifts for 70 Special Persons in Jaranwala,muhammad siddiqu,33406,Pak Special Persons Welfare Society,0,0,0,0 140,30535,Make It Stop: 3 Youth Programs to End Violence,Marina Hilaire-Bartlett,44894,PSI - Caribbean,600,5,0,600 19,30307,Empower Local Refugees to Thrive,Grace Fong,44097,PRERNA4REFUGEES,"9,332",58,0,"9,332" 236,30578,Livelihoods Development For 90 Poor Young Women,Population Management Challenge,45014,POPULATION MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE,75,1,0,75 267,30168,teaching english language for vulnerable children,Nabot Dodkhudoeva,39949,PO Madina,0,0,0,0 104,30887,Health and Community Development through Sport,Judy McPherson,871,PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International,"1,410",4,0,"1,410" 223,30739,Stop new HIV infections in Mauritius,Zuhayr Panchoo,43847,"PILS (Prevention, Information, Lutte contre le Sida)",121,5,0,121 141,30020,Keep Youth Feeling Safe & End Bullying,Winston Ashby,33314,PARTI Program,590,4,0,590 245,30120,Provide Lunch for 500 School Children in Mile 91,Tanu Donald Suaray,26776,Orphans in Need Ministry Sierra Leone,50,1,0,50 267,27061,Support of street children as development agent,Amare Feleke,34797,Orphans and Girls Assistance Association,0,0,0,0 267,30962,Improve Livelihood of Five Marginalized Households,Riaz Ahmed,38833,Organization for Regional Development and Environmental Restoration (ORDER),0,0,0,0 267,30443,Quality Education-Right of Every Child in Pakistan,Adnan Hayat,11156,Organization for Community Development (OCD),0,0,0,0 101,30169,Sanitation Facilities for Rural Schools in Uganda,Achilles wasswa,43774,Organisation for Community Empowerment Lyantonde (OCE),"1,485",16,0,"1,485" 267,31141,Water and Sanitation,Mrs. Hannah Kojo Adzinku,32224,Opportunity Two Excel Foundation,0,0,0,0 205,30879,Help Provide Education for 1200 Orphan in Cameroon,Ong Africa Association,37087,Ong Africa Association,188,3,0,188 176,30499,"Community Garden for 50 students, College Park GA",Jo Ann Allen,43944,"One Talent, Inc.",325,8,0,325 267,30663,Educational programme for Orphans,Olusegun Joseph Olukayode,44425,Olusegun Joseph Olukayode Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30913,Community action for accelerating girls'education,Hassan Maku,41232,Olivu Women Association for Development,0,0,0,0 43,30654,Learning Center to benefit 500 in Central Mexico,Betty Lopez,42062,Ojala Ninos A.C.,"5,663",45,0,"5,663" 267,30629,Give Medicine and Feed 200 Families in Adamawa,John Ede,24961,Ohaha Family Foundation,0,0,0,0 52,30324,Improving livelihoods of Kenya's Ogiek women,Moraa Obiria,43856,Ogiek Peoples' Development Program(OPDP),"5,375",45,0,"5,375" 233,30077,Emancipation of Girls from Sexual Abuse,Dr. T. Singh,7126,OPTIMIST ORGANISATION,85,3,0,85 216,30025,Help 100 victims of the armed conflict in Colombia,ONGEDES fundación,42054,ONG GESTION Y DESARROLLO SUSTENTABLE -ONGEDES-,142,3,0,142 267,30829,Educate and Secure the Future of Orphans,,16338,ONAAR Development Organization,0,0,0,0 193,30930,RASCAHAN HOUSE COMMUNITY HUB & MUSEUM,Elizabeth McNerlin,45285,North West Lifelong Learning Ltd,227,7,0,227 135,30268,Say No To FGM to 5000 girls & Women in Ethiopia,,34998,Nomadic Pastoral and Relief Foundation,647,5,0,647 267,31280,Free Tribal Outpatient Clinic,nwtws tribal society,42661,Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society,0,0,0,0 267,28341,Jordan Education Development Center Clinic,George Chaima,39642,New Restoration Plan - Malawi,0,0,0,0 247,31123,Gift Maternity Bag to 200 Underprivileged New Moms,Kylie Saunders,43499,New Mama NPC,45,1,0,45 251,30824,Help Parents Raising Children With Emotional Needs,Linda McConneyhead,27510,"New Jersey Parents Caucus, Inc",30,2,0,30 267,30075,Green Communities Re-afforestation Initiative,KELECHUKWU OKEZIE,30934,Neighbourhood Environment Watch Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30990,Health Facilities at your door (700 Villagers),Ajhar Ali,11750,Nav Bhartiya Nari Vikas Samiti,0,0,0,0 267,31014,Empower 20 farmers with LR Compost Pit in India,Raman Kant,25112,Natural Environmental Education and Research Foundation,0,0,0,0 202,30085,Circle of Life Native American Indian Cultural Ctr,Ray Emanuel,41024,Native American Indian Associaton of Tennessee,200,2,0,200 267,29942,Control of Malaria cases to 1165 families in Angul,Soubhagya Behera,39860,National Education Essential for Women's Society (NEEWS),0,0,0,0 245,30314,Send a Child to School in Western Kenya for a Year,Edward Natili,39505,Namusia Rural Welfare Programme,50,1,0,50 155,30124,Support Poor Kids for School Education in Nepal,Visma Raj Paudel,42001,Namaste Community Foundation,470,6,0,470 41,30549,Peace School for 1000 Ukrainian youth,Mykhailo Ilin,45185,NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION,"5,835",44,0,"5,835" 267,30983,Help build a Classroom Block in Zimbabwe,Andrew Sadziwa,32901,Musha Care Trust,0,0,0,0 176,28937,Girl Child Education Support - Livingstonia school,Rockin Mwabanga,37769,Mtende Homecraft Foundation,325,2,0,325 267,30127,Restore degraded areas of Mount Kenya forest,Julian Wanja,40275,Mount Kenya Environmental Conservation,0,0,0,0 267,27737,Preventing domestic and gender based violence,Ganbayasgakh Geleg,34345,Mongolian Gender Equality Center,0,0,0,0 267,30793,Offer Early learning programs to 300 children,Rahab Maboya,39872,Mokgopo creche & preschool,0,0,0,0 33,30959,Cheerful Winter in Afghanistan,David Mason,40890,Mobile Mini Circus for Children,"6,228",75,0,"6,228" 255,30305,Vocational skills for 100 young mothers in Kenya,Jacinta Aluoch,44955,Mobile Education for Life International (MELI),25,1,0,25 259,30454,Maternal and Child Health in Tribal villages,zela ralte,43729,Mission Foundation Movement,20,1,0,20 267,30099,Help 200 women to earn a living in Budongo Forest,Kangula Lawrence,42319,Midwestern Region Centre for Democracy and Human Rights,0,0,0,0 267,30710,Road Traffic to 100 Motorbike Drivers in Tanzania,Priva Protas,44514,Micro finance and Enterprise Support Organization,0,0,0,0 124,30927,Education for 26 Orphaned Children in El Salvador,Robert McDonell,34031,Mi Casa International,775,7,0,775 267,30727,Market Oriented skill for young mothers & girls,,18253,Mera Parivar,0,0,0,0 228,30590,Building a Soccer Academy for Empowering 120 Kids,Pascal L.,45098,Mengo Youth Development Link,95,5,0,95 245,30622,Establish an Orchard for 50 rural Cameroonian kids,Meg Wah,40842,Meg Wah (My Earth),50,1,0,50 151,30949,Give the Gift of Education,Beresford Coker,44548,Me Against Poverty Inc,494,9,0,494 90,30189,Raising Voices Phase II - Kenya,Eric Omwanda,38243,Mathare Foundation Youth Group,"1,744",31,0,"1,744" 267,30616,Give a chicken to help 200 needy families Uganda,wasswa paul,42219,Manywa Initiative for Children,0,0,0,0 245,30721,To Build Library for 500 children in Timor Leste,MAHON Training Center,44875,Many Hands One Nation (MAHON,50,1,0,50 12,30884,Malaika Guardians 2018 - quality education 5-18yrs,Giulia Leone,45106,Malaika Children's Friends onlus,"11,305",58,0,"11,305" 256,29372,Physiotherapy to 50 Children with Disabilities,MPVSS Manovikas,42475,Madhya Pradesh Viklang Sahayta Samiti,24,1,0,24 267,30009,"Empower 80,000 Women and Property Ownership",lebaraka laizer,39160,Maasai Pastoralist Development Organization-Lareto,0,0,0,0 267,30740,MusicXChange Ghana,Federico Masetti,39757,"MUSICXCHANGE,INC.",0,0,0,0 267,31137,Promoting Menstrual Hygiene to Keep Girls in Class,Munkuny Parents,35240,MUNKUNYU PARENTS PRIMARY SCHOOL,0,0,0,0 267,30079,Purchase of land and construction of classrooms,EMILY MAKOKHA,42438,MOTHERWAY EDUCATION CENTRE,0,0,0,0 174,30580,"Create 15000 Robust Youth, who include all, in SA",Julia Duminy,35798,MOT South Africa,340,7,0,340 267,30505,Support 200 HIV+ Teenage Mothers & PWDs in Uganda,Maria Muhairwe,18151,MISSION FOR AFRICAN MOTHERS (MAM),0,0,0,0 261,30144,Helping Deprived Orphans in the deep villages,Muhammad Guweddeko,38716,MG peoples' Union,17,2,0,17 67,30733,Cake Baking for LGBTQ Empowerment in Uganda,Mutesi Janet,44721,MBARARA RISE FOUNDATION,"5,003",59,0,"5,003" 161,30465,"10by20 Training of 10,000 Women Champions by 2020",LiveWell Initiative,27304,LiveWell Initiative LWI,428,4,0,428 267,25616,Action Research for Citizen Led Change,Andikuza Litete-Makhumula,35397,Literacy for Change,0,0,0,0 267,30309,Turn a victim into a Survivor,Colleen Rogers,44980,LifeLine Vaal Triangle,0,0,0,0 146,30403,Improving the livelihood for Yemeni youth,amin alsharafi,33435,Life Flow For Peace & Development Organization,532,8,0,532 245,30989,LAP Emergency Operation in Response to the Food,Life Above,41713,Life Above Poverty (LAP),50,1,0,50 185,28629,"Books for 14,600 children in Mitchells Plain",Taryn Lock,38059,Let's Read to Rise,284,3,0,284 251,30679,CRICKET FARMING FOR 500 WOMEN LIVING WITH HIV,leona foundation,37037,Leona Foundation,30,2,0,30 112,30789,Support 50 Rural Girls in School in Liberia,Anthony S. Kolaco,37320,Learning Squared,"1,165",15,0,"1,165" 113,30495,Help Children with Special Needs Learn and Connect,Jennifer Mapakou,37076,Lay Witnesses For Christ International -UK,"1,096",44,0,"1,096" 69,29814,Renovation and Humanization of Pediatric Unit,Ronan Jaffré,40441,Laurette Fugain,"4,755",40,0,"4,755" 267,30433,Free Education for 5000 Out-of-school Children,Nsikak Ukpong,44395,Laurel Childcare Outreach,0,0,0,0 267,30310,Sports and play for Peace and Development,Kizito Magero,45079,Lake Mountains Sports & Talent Organization,0,0,0,0 187,30774,"Support 400 Vulnerable Children/Youth in Lira,Kole",Adong Winnie,44529,Ladder Ministries Uganda,255,5,0,255 267,30611,"Education and Healthcare to 2,500 BAKASSI Children",TRIUMPH NYONG,40733,LIFE-SAVING CENTRE,0,0,0,0 267,30707,Provide critical civil legal aid in Massachusetts,Courtney Bassi,39828,"LEGAL JUSTICE ACCESS, INC.",0,0,0,0 267,29865,Prevocational Classes- Job Training Skills- LAVOSI,Alvaro de Leon Espinoza,38969,LAVOSI,0,0,0,0 267,30717,Treat Moldovan kids suffering from leukemia,Fiona Bewley,43404,Krebsallianz gGmbh,0,0,0,0 133,30641,Heal 150 children through power of horses,Equestrian club Arandjelovac,43369,Konjicki klub Arandjelovac,669,13,0,669 227,30902,Will benefit 75 pupils of Apedi and Angic P/S,George Obua,41987,Kole Intellectual Forum,100,3,0,100 267,29989,Get IRMA Relief not Covered by F.E.M.A /Insurance,Laquita Ross,39746,Kingdom Worldwide Humanitarian Aid Community Development Corporation,0,0,0,0 163,30536,Support Clean Energy in 2000 Households in Kibera,Joseph Odero,7054,Kibera Slums Community Development Program (KISCODEP),412,8,0,412 267,30617,Education and life skills training for 250 orphans,Dolly Rajuai,34632,Kenya Poverty Elimination Network (K-PEN),0,0,0,0 152,29748,Help a Child with Epilepsy Stay in School,Cecilia Gathoni,40531,Kenya Association for the Welfare of People with Epilepsy,492,7,0,492 267,30534,Kennan pre school holistic early childhood dev.,Mr Mpiyakhe Swazi Nhlapo,44194,Kennan Pre School,0,0,0,0 266,29967,Project Anti-Litter for 1000 students in Ghana,Elijah Mensah,27152,Keep Ghana Beautiful,10,1,0,10 77,30691,"Dorek": Palestinian women's political renaissance,Leandra / Rebecca,26365,Kayan - Feminist Organization,"2,625",46,0,"2,625" 186,28958,Empower a girl child from the grassroots!,Katha India,38978,Katha,265,2,0,265 82,30635,Help us send 40 children to school in Uganda,Ssenyonga Vincent,42203,Kassanda Children's Aid,"2,026",10,0,"2,026" 267,31004,Empower 320 Women in Northern Pakistan,KIDF Pakistan,34293,Karakuram International Development Foundation (KIDF) Pakistan,0,0,0,0 125,30783,Develop a poor village of 1300 people in Cambodia,Thomas Gilbert,43994,Kamboo Project,758,13,0,758 114,30644,Save the Forest of Gibbons in Indonesia!,Constance Cluset,42645,Kalaweit,"1,066",7,0,"1,066" 267,30110,Give Education to 200 HIV/AIDS Orphans in Kenya,Julius Otieno,37725,KICK ARTISANS DEVELOPMENT SELF HELP GROUP,0,0,0,0 245,30996,HELP 2000 FAMILIES COOK SAFELY IN KENYA,Joram Mathenge,29177,KIANGURE SPRINGS ENVIRONMENT INITIATIVE,50,1,0,50 169,30289,"Bringing books to over 10,000 children in Kenya",Lenka McAlinden,45224,Just be a Child,379,13,0,379 267,30760,50+ Workforce Initiative,S. Orlene Grant,43337,Juanita C. Grant Foundation,0,0,0,0 72,30187,Support This Unique Free Library in Rural Tanzania,Anande Mirisho,43962,Jifundishe,"3,515",34,0,"3,515" 259,30567,Support Girl's Education in North Rift Kenya,JUMUIYA WOMEN FUND,13532,JUMUIYA WOMEN GROUP,20,1,0,20 267,30694,Feeding & school fees payment for 104 children,Islamic Society for Counselling and Assisting Ref ISCAR,44429,Islamic Society for Counselling and Assisting Refugeees,0,0,0,0 267,30966,Educate A Child for A Year in Plateau,Fatima Suleiman Abdullahi,36436,Islamic Counseling Initiatives(ICIN),0,0,0,0 45,30295,Teach 75 Rwandan Women to Sew Handicrafts,Elise Rida Musomandera,42282,Isano Women and Youth Empowerment,"5,565",63,0,"5,565" 267,30328,Support Children And Families With Special Needs,Iris House Children's Hospice,41732,Iris House Children's Hospice,0,0,0,0 245,30414,Supporting Human Rights Education in Nigeria,Abdul-Ghani Oyaifo,39180,International Society for Peace and Safety,50,1,0,50 267,30798,Restore Special Needs Education Trailers in India,Nalini K. Desai,45333,International SEVA,0,0,0,0 255,30772,Reduce Neonatal Mortality in Eastern Ukraine,Christian CARRER,41288,International Humanitarian Foundation AICM Ukraine,25,1,0,25 234,30018,Facilitate education to children from Srebrenica,Suad Murselović,42270,International Forum of Solidarity-EMMAUS,80,4,0,80 255,30867,Give Me a Voice!,Blendi Dibra,29948,"Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese (IRSH)",25,1,0,25 267,30451,Shelter for Girls School in Pakistan,Saif Khan,28748,Integrated Regional Support Program (IRSP),0,0,0,0 267,30146,Help Africa medic container shipment & process fee,Muliwabyo Justus,35548,Integrated Development for Marginalized Community (IDMC).,0,0,0,0 267,30877,Total Immersion Program in Finance & Development,Preethi Rao,43129,Institute for Financial Management and Research,0,0,0,0 159,30545,Provide an educational tool to 2K mexican students,Regina Gonzalez Sanchez,44343,"Innova y Moderniza tu Aprendizaje, A.C.",445,9,0,445 267,30383,Inland Empire Youth Dance Scholarships,Jamie IECB,40516,"Inland Empire Contemporary Ballet, Inc.",0,0,0,0 18,30723,Give Disadvantaged Cambodian Children An Education,Grainne LeFevre,38404,Indochina Starfish Foundation,"9,671",40,0,"9,671" 4,30932,Protect forest & 100 families in Papua New Guinea,Sarthak Das,45003,"Indigenous Health Solutions, Inc.","22,456",69,0,"22,456" 267,30855,Supportive model of education for children & youth,Shanta Koshti,42195,Indian Academy for Self Employed Women,0,0,0,0 267,30863,Ensure healthy lives to children of prisoners!,Pearly Paul,44068,India Vision Foundation,0,0,0,0 253,30492,Educate 100 Underprivileged Tribal Girls in India,Dr. Vinod Prakash,25019,"India Development and Relief Fund, Inc.",26,1,0,26 144,30568,100 Kenyan Youth Trained in Business Skills,Staci Alziebler-Perkins,40559,"Imagine x Inspire x Innovate Foundation, Inc.",560,3,0,560 174,30345,"Support IOP Plant 10,000 trees in Ilula Township",Atilio Mbungu,35354,Ilula Orphan Program,340,8,0,340 255,30142,build a nursery school for 400 households in kenya,Agnes Leina,42647,Ill'laramatak Community Concerns (ICC-K),25,1,0,25 184,30701,Help Equip a library via IHOPEE,Rose Okwany,44451,"Ihopee,Inc",285,5,0,285 267,30610,Educate the children in need,Derick Mulenga,36914,ITUNA COMMUNITY ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN ASSOCIATION,0,0,0,0 235,29828,Blankets for Most Affected Families 2017-2018,David Dass,12966,INDIAN WOMEN AND CHILD WELFARE TRUST,78,1,0,78 267,29958,Help 600 Mothers Fight Cervical Cancer in Kenya,IMPACT HEALTHCARE INT'L,43018,IMPACT HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION,0,0,0,0 267,30164,Let's Level the Playing Field For Female Founders,Lisa Canning,44760,IAEOU,0,0,0,0 21,30608,Give second chance for 100 rescue animals in India,Mini Vasudevan,31283,Humane Animal Society (HAS),"9,201",84,0,"9,201" 225,30705,HRFP's Safe House for 50 Minority Victims Per Year,Naveed Walter,43842,Human Rights Focus Pakistan,110,2,0,110 267,30975,Provide Education to 20 Orphans and Destitute Kids,Ghufran Ahmad Shakir,25635,Human Relief Organization (HRO) Nepal,0,0,0,0 267,30430,Widows Support Program,Charles Mokaya,28523,Human Development International NGO,0,0,0,0 91,30313,"Cycling Without Age, the next Chapter",Nick Corke,44981,Hour Community,"1,690",19,0,"1,690" 92,30593,Be a doctor - send a smile!,Claudia Vogg,45078,Hopital Magique,"1,639",24,0,"1,639" 121,29447,Counselling & Legal Aid for 200 Teen Mothers,Copain Fabrice Bienaimé,39854,Hope for Rwanda,844,13,0,844 267,29981,Sanitation and Hygiene Training in Kampala Slums,Theresa Nambuya,40284,Hope for Retired Nurses and Midwives,0,0,0,0 267,30777,saving the lives of mothers and newborns in Uganda,Sherill Sedillo,36391,Hope Filled Hearts 4 Africa,0,0,0,0 267,30839,Provide home and Education for Orphan in Nepal,Laxmi Sunar,39122,Holy Spirit Child Welfare Home,0,0,0,0 96,30857,Prevention of Human Trafficking in Nepal,Anjana Shakya,36560,Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HIMRIGHTS),"1,526",21,0,"1,526" 267,30078,Sponsor a child for education in India,sainath BS,40251,Help Child India Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30199,School Environmental Boarding Homes for Children,Jim Morrison,42057,Health Development Project -Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 236,30951,"To End Early, Forced and Before Birth Marriages",Ms Haleema Akram,41236,Health And Rural Development (HARD) Balochistan,75,2,0,75 120,30974,Reel Camps for Girls,Vera Zambonelli,45059,Hawaii Women in Filmmaking,885,7,0,885 142,30792,"I Am Not For Sale, Survivors Rebuild Lives",Gloria Simoneaux,45153,Harambee Arts,580,9,0,580 267,29727,"Help 4,000 Displaced Kids of Sierra Leone Mudslide",Alton Harding,16731,Hands For Africa,0,0,0,0 267,30637,Fund a Person of Concern (PoC)-Refugee,Lawrence Gadzikwa,44743,Hand in Hand Development,0,0,0,0 245,30382,Help a Horse Rescue Feed its Horses!,Elizabeth Zarkos,32682,Hanaeleh,50,2,0,50 267,29618,Halli Club,Heidi Naude,40042,Halli Trust - Non-Profit Organisation,0,0,0,0 267,30885,Providing Quality Education for Orphans in Kaduna,Bashir Zakari,42824,Halimatu Sadiya Trust Fund,0,0,0,0 203,30843,"Housing for flood affected families in Assam,India",Habitat for Humanity India,39856,Habitat for Humanity India Trust,190,1,0,190 116,30263,HELP FOR SPANISH MICRO NGO,Alejandra Salas,40415,HELPING INTERNATIONAL,"1,000",1,0,"1,000" 197,30365,"Support Youth to Learn, Grow and Thrive",Sengoma Hajara,44983,Gwanga Power Uganda,213,3,0,213 267,30141,Train 200 women in Uganda on financial literacy,Mary Okello Ayenyo,41125,Gulu Early Childhood Development Support Organization GECDSO,0,0,0,0 267,30245,Creating a change through empowering women,Bhawna Karki,35862,Growth Foundation of India,0,0,0,0 227,30504,Green Schools Project,Albert KUNIHIRA,33216,Greening Uganda,100,4,0,100 31,30945,Save the Lives of Homeless Animals in Oregon,Sasha Elliott,41954,Greenhill Humane Society,"6,449",44,0,"6,449" 222,30919,Digital Trash Mapping of Albania,Ervin Shehaj,36607,Green Line Albania,125,2,0,125 267,31045,Training Accredited Professionals GreenStar Africa,,39649,Green Building Council of Zimbabwe,0,0,0,0 139,30827,Feed 100 Hungry Souls in Klang for half a year.,JH Yuen,43881,Great Heart Charity Association,616,21,0,616 241,30607,APOYO A LA PRODUCCION DE CHAYOTE,Javier Perez Gomez,44380,"Gota de Vida, AC",60,2,0,60 267,30860,"Children, Youth Plastic recycling and environment",Lubega Geoffrey Dickson,45042,GosaOgs Uganda limited,0,0,0,0 267,29334,Combat hunger and feed 275 families in Tennessee,Pai Mushayamunda,41817,Good Samaritan Ministries,0,0,0,0 267,30574,Improve livelihoods to 5000 women in kajiado,Ann Sadira,14962,Good Living Initiative,0,0,0,0 245,30982,Magic Book House,Shurentsetseg Jamiyandorj,33095,Golden Link for Development Association,50,2,0,50 189,30904,Build Two Classrooms for Orphans in Uganda,Robbinah Hakiza,25269,God's Mercy orphanage Centre,250,2,0,250 214,30853,"Emergency Education Support for Children, Ethiopia",Nigussie Tefera,34683,God for People Relief and Development Organaization,150,1,0,150 215,30270,Kidney Transplant for Muyiwa in India,Adepeju Oti,33410,Global Youth Leadership and Girl-Child Foundation,142,3,0,142 267,30351,Defka House for Deaf Children,Chris Campo,18179,Global Village Resources,0,0,0,0 263,30985,"1,000 Educated Orphans in Kibera Slum",Justin Vero,17929,Global One Foundation,15,1,0,15 182,30469,Stop Bone Deformity of a child in Oldonyo Sambu,Allan Kilevo,44877,Global Jamii Foundation,293,7,0,293 57,30527,Drill 3 Water Wells in Somalia's Hirshabelle,Mohamed Abdirahman,42882,Global Human Services,"5,100",43,0,"5,100" 108,29007,Ending Extreme poverty in Western Africa,Daphne Keys,42274,Global Hope Network International UK,"1,208",7,0,"1,208" 267,30845,Sanitary Pad Workshops for 2200 Ugandan Girls,Alexandra Schmidt,42010,Global Health Network (U),0,0,0,0 134,30394,Support Girls Education Now Or Never,Keturah Shammah,30223,Girls Education Mission International,660,40,0,660 267,30847,Eco Crafting for Social Change,Bwambale Rwamanyonyi,39108,Gift Women Link Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30211,SASA Comuunity Mobilization,andrew sethole,41290,Get Informed Youth development Centre,0,0,0,0 267,30229,Boost STEAM Education in Rural South Africa,Lauren Schwarz,44653,Get Ahead Project,0,0,0,0 267,30563,Computer training to 100 needy Indian student,Jyoti Prakash Biswal,11829,GRAM VIKASH SANGHA,0,0,0,0 265,30011,Bring Reproductive Health to 11000 Youth in Adaklu,Samuel Yao Atidzah,38601,GOSANET FOUNDATION,11,1,0,11 267,30766,"Schools libraries of Peace in Tumaco, Colombia",Leticia Jaramillo,44337,GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN COLOMBIA,0,0,0,0 40,30640,"Monitor Public Investment in Cartagena, Colombia",Carolina Calderon,45198,Fundacion civico social pro Cartagena- Funcicar,"5,855",59,0,"5,855" 225,30540,Supply of medicines for 41 families of the Amazon,Andrea Lombo,43947,Fundacion Vision 20-20 Colombia,110,2,0,110 138,30569,Healthy food businesses for low income Colombians,Brian Johnston,44448,Fundacion Via Cocina,631,15,0,631 2,30605,Help 10 at risk youth attain world-class education,Jose Pablo Rojas-Brewer,44550,Fundacion United World College Costa Rica,"34,395",192,"2,000","36,395" 267,30547,Combat social problems with art and culture,tito bocanegra,45275,Fundacion Social San Jose Obrero,0,0,0,0 50,30659,Empower resilient riverfront communities CostaRica,Margarita Chaves,44638,Fundacion Rutas Naturbanas,"5,410",52,0,"5,410" 236,30888,Working Skills Centre in Argentina,Magdalena Olmos,17519,Fundacion Reciduca,75,2,0,75 267,31058,Bamboo homes for Ecuador Earthquake Survivors,Cristina Latorre,44141,Fundacion Raiz Ecuador,0,0,0,0 89,30715,Provide Basic Dental Care to 418 Nicaraguan Kids,Juan Vanegas,32718,Fundacion Odontologica Comunitaria FOCO,"1,750",11,0,"1,750" 76,30488,Chilean Children with Cancer Support Fund,Carolina Assi,43644,Fundacion Nuestros Hijos,"2,815",51,0,"2,815" 208,29977,Give Kids Access to Education and Food in Ecuador,Niños con Futuro,40774,Fundacion Ninos con Futuro,180,4,0,180 239,30950,Rescue Green Areas from Vulnerable Zones in Chile,Consuelo Gonzalez,36185,Fundacion Mi Parque,67,1,0,67 267,30137,Football Based Educational Program 1 Year,Carlos Hernandez,24077,Fundacion Futbol Para El Futuro,0,0,0,0 98,30969,"A Better Life for 60 Elderly People in Higuey, DR",monica medina,39998,Fundacion Frank y Haydee Rainieri,"1,520",2,0,"1,520" 237,30918,Prevent for a Better Future,Alberto Grisales,43628,Fundacion Darluz,70,3,0,70 3,30708,"A Home To Build Futures In Medellin, Colombia",Manuela Vargas,30552,Fundacion Cultivando Sonrisas,"23,500",100,"1,100","24,600" 44,30466,100 Dominican special needs kids more independent,Trudy Bekker,44645,Fundacion Cuidado Infantil Dominicano,"5,602",41,0,"5,602" 267,30957,Health for 120 children in Mexico,Adriana Zapata,39460,Fundacion Casa Alianza Mexico I.A.P.,0,0,0,0 24,29198,Your gift delivers #GratefulRecovery to 18 Men,Rod Garossino,37626,Fresh Start Recovery Centre,"7,457",47,0,"7,457" 27,30662,Help 370 Nepali Children Access Quality Education,Joey Owen,45314,Freedom to Learn,"7,246",53,0,"7,246" 267,26196,International Music Exchange,Phillip Dignan,37198,Foundation for the S.T.A.R.S.,0,0,0,0 267,30832,Musical instruments for small dreamers of peace,Vladimir Cortes Osorio,41028,Foundation for Social Development and Agricultural Research - FUNDESIA,0,0,0,0 102,30151,Restore hope - Support & educate a girl in Uganda,Emmy Zoomlamai Okello,39388,Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH),"1,463",10,0,"1,463" 267,30261,Cassava and Plantain Farm Project,Jeddlee S Kinnii,25065,Foundation for Educational Loan Services,0,0,0,0 267,30796,Help for 50 Victims of Snake Bite in Benue State,Kelvins Iniongun Dzeremo,36798,Foundation for Economic empowerment & Educational Development (FEED-Africa),0,0,0,0 58,30757,"Healthy Women, Healthy families",Nina Perdhiku,45281,"Foundation Spirit of Love, Diakonia Agapes","5,100",46,0,"5,100" 267,29565,YOUTH ICT TRAINING / ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS,Foster paradise Orphanage,33372,Foster Paradise Orphanage,0,0,0,0 267,30359,"Crisis in Kasai, DR Congo: Emergency Response",David LUKUSA,39217,Fondation Vaillant de David,0,0,0,0 267,30861,Donate for the prevention of youth drug addiction,Fondacija Exspecto,34128,Fondacija mentalne higijene Exspecto,0,0,0,0 168,30582,Creating safe places for 42 traumatized children,Mehvash Ahmad,42012,Fondacija Krila Nade/Foundation Wings of Hope,387,9,0,387 247,30131,Save Lives of Malnourished Children in Rajasthan,Melwyn Sequeira,34953,Fight Hunger Foundation,45,2,0,45 267,30881,Help us Support 25 Child Headed Families,Frank Fasan,44540,Feed Him and Her,0,0,0,0 255,30436,Fauquier Wrestling 2017-18 Season,Susan Ruppel,35363,"Fauquier Sports Foundation, Inc.",25,1,0,25 189,29206,SUSTAINABLE ERADICATION OF POVERTY IN KIMBI VILLAG,Nche Sam,41302,Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon (FOMCAM),250,2,0,250 267,29956,Project: Build ECD Centre for 200 Children in Cape,Sandra Jones,38789,Faith Hope and Love Foundation,0,0,0,0 248,31080,The Fairplay School: Better Education in the Slums,Roy Moore,42254,Fairplay For All Foundation Inc.,40,2,0,40 255,31035,ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR 50 WOMEN VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE,ANDRES GUZMAN,44306,FUNDACION TOLERAR Y CONVIVIR,25,1,0,25 245,30936,Send 30 Former Girls Soldiers to School in DRCongo,Mashango kasangala,39451,FOYERDENFANT+FEMME,50,1,0,50 267,30155,Save 5000 girls from early child marriage -Malawi,Shora Kauluka,34586,FOUNTAIN OF HOPE,0,0,0,0 221,29558,Help People with Lupus in Nicaragua,Johana Patricia Blandon Argeñal,42970,FOUNDATION OF SYSTEMIC ERITEMATOSOUS LUPUS OF NICARAGUA,132,4,0,132 66,30693,Provide Agriculture Funds for 300 Youths Cameroon,Etienne A Ayuk,44908,FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION,"5,014",53,0,"5,014" 267,29980,Help 32 Rural Youth Access Higher Education,Narayan Maharjan,35819,FOCUS NEPAL,0,0,0,0 236,30700,ORGANIC FARMING ADVOCACY FOR SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEM,Ogbonnaya Edu,38231,FARM AWARENESS FOR FOOD PRESERVATION INITIATIVE,75,2,0,75 255,30797,Beekeeping and Training for 20000 Malawian Women,Eston Kakhome,31786,Evangelical Alliance for Relief and Development(EVARD),25,1,0,25 147,30767,Enable Inclusion for 80+ People with Disabilities,Javier Mendoza,44412,"Escuela de Integracion y Formacion Deportiva, Expresion Artistica Y Desarrollo Laboral (EIFODEC)",525,6,0,525 115,30439,Help Families look for their Disappeared in Peru,Julia Ferreira,45187,Equipo Peruano de Antropologia Forense,"1,061",16,0,"1,061" 123,30674,Support Human Rights Activists in Myanmar,Daren Moon,41233,Equality Myanmar,805,8,0,805 177,30790,Help us make a world without throwaway cups,Mandy Haggith,45015,Environmental Paper Network c/o ARA,318,9,0,318 267,30664,"Sensitize , Screen and treat 3000 Nigerian",Nwachukkwu Clement,44833,Elshaddai Rural Health and Development Foundation,0,0,0,0 196,30242,Day School for Dalit and Tribal Children,Joshee Shile Priscilla,45008,Elshaddai Ministries Trust,216,3,0,216 227,29894,Elder Baskets For American Indians in El dorado CO,Nicky Torres,33477,"El Dorado County Indian Council, Inc.",100,1,0,100 267,30555,SRHR EDUCATION IN 20 SCHOOLS IN SIERRA LEONE,Economic Empowerment Human Rights,43394,Economic Empowerment and Human Rights Sierra Leone (EEHRSL),0,0,0,0 267,30341,Educate 24 full and semi-orphan in Nepal,Keshab Bhusal,43853,EcoHimal Nepal,0,0,0,0 267,30726,Support 5 Solidarity Mutuals of 100 Women in DRC,Mulala Bahati Paul,17856,ENTREPRISE COOPERATIVE KALEMBELEMBE ECOOKAL,0,0,0,0 267,30453,Empowering marginalized women in Kenya,valentine pere,39354,EMPOWERED WOMAN COMMUNITY ORGANISATION,0,0,0,0 267,30546,"End child marriages in Sironko District , Uganda",AMBROSE WADUDU,44437,ELGON CHILD WATCH INITIATIVES UGANDA,0,0,0,0 267,29834,Hospitality & Life Skills Training for Cambodians,Desmond Lim,8443,"EGBOK Mission Incorporated, NFP",0,0,0,0 227,30618,The Utange Community Garden,Caroline Nzuki,37232,ECO ETHICS INTERNATIONAL KENYA,100,1,0,100 111,31073,Children with Disabilities Hydrotherapy in Ukraine,Hanna Osadchuk,45169,Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre,"1,183",17,0,"1,183" 267,30017,"The Gift of Education for 52 at risk girls, Malawi",,42374,DreamWeaver Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30177,Child Labour Elimination and Rehabilitation,Prince Clayman,41739,Dream Africa Volunteer Service,0,0,0,0 267,30244,Science Innovation Centre for School Children,Ratna Kolluri,38566,Dr K V Rao Scientific Society,0,0,0,0 255,30356,DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation #FitKit,Robert Church,32504,DoughMain Education Foundation Inc.,25,1,0,25 255,30900,Support Displaced Children and Older People,Nadiya Manchandra,36295,Donbas.Integration,25,1,0,25 267,30334,Orphans are taken care of in masera village.,elddah onyancha,34616,Dominion AIDS Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30912,Increasing 400 Girls Reproductive Health in Kasese,Bwambale Julius,37052,Divine Mercy Development Foundation (DIMDEF),0,0,0,0 48,30816,SAFE LIVELIHOOD FOR ROHINGYA REFUGEE IN BANGLADESH,Dr. Md Rezaul kabir,43821,Disable Development & Educational Foundation (DDEF),"5,441",43,0,"5,441" 267,29954,Study Place for 23 Family Hill Village of Nepal,Dilasha Aviyan,35960,Dilasha Aviyan (in English: Console Mission),0,0,0,0 78,30656,Access to Water for Rural Indian Families,Jacquelyn Cork,10060,Dignity Freedom Network,"2,424",9,0,"2,424" 267,30649,"Provide a safe place to sleep for over 1,000 women",Nioka Gane,24708,Dignity For Divas,0,0,0,0 109,30675,Diabetes Care Center for Rohingya Refugees by DAB,Prof. A K Azad Khan,44818,Diabetic Association of Bangladesh,"1,204",11,0,"1,204" 68,29969,"BRIDGE - Give Disadvantaged Kids a Chance, Hungary",Adam Nemeth,34533,Devai Szent Ferenc Alapitvany,"5,000",28,0,"5,000" 267,30397,Send a Needy child to School in Liberia,Helena Wenneh,32521,"Destined Kids Asistance Program,DEKAP",0,0,0,0 238,30634,Improve SRHR for 1000 deaf girls in Zimbabwe,Agness Chindimba,44154,Deaf Women Included (DWI),67,1,0,67 267,30744,Menstrual Hygiene among Female Prison Inmates,Daniel Ifegwu Iroegbu,29525,Daniel Iroegbu Global Dental HealthCare Foundation,0,0,0,0 70,30814,Educating Children Working In The Dumpsite,George Onyango,25044,Dandora Dumpsite Rehabilitation Group (DADREG),"4,358",12,0,"4,358" 267,28933,Provide Jobs for 50 Blind Girls in India,Jabesh Dutt,38266,DIVINE FELLOWSHIP,0,0,0,0 267,29940,100 Orphan Girls Empowerment Through Vocational,Jinsar Hussain Soomro,42292,DHARTI DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 267,30925,Provide School Needs for Displaced Children -Iraq,Culture Education,43194,Cultural and Education Activating Organization / CEAO,0,0,0,0 87,30831,Help girls raise their voices against violence,Angela Bütler,44249,Corporacion de Investigacion y Accion Social y Economica - CIASE,"1,865",30,0,"1,865" 267,30920,Children's Values Education Project,Henry Antonio Reyes de la Paz,42753,"Cooperativa de Ahorro, Credito y Servicios Multiples Amor y Paz",0,0,0,0 148,30648,LESS PRIVILEGED SCHOOL REHABILITATION PROJECT,Oladele Afunmiso,43867,Consolation Foundation For Less Priviledge,520,3,0,520 5,30523,"Education & Health for 2,500 in Bangkok Slum",Heidi Tannarat,44059,Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation - Thailand,"19,295",63,0,"19,295" 175,31007,Health Camp for Child Labor in Brick Kilns,Concern Nepal,44184,Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN Nepal),335,5,0,335 267,30826,Sponsor Commercial Tricycle riding for low Income,James Koroma,43884,Concern 4 Widows Rights,0,0,0,0 213,30741,Digital inclusion in 10 farm schools in Cameroon,Bart Vetsuypens,44287,Comundos,150,4,0,150 267,30942,Project Recovery- Post Flood,Willietta Gombeh,39341,Compassion for Peace and Child Survival Sierra Leone,0,0,0,0 34,30558,Clean Water-Sanitation Initiative for Rural Haiti,Whitney Cooper,44629,Community2Community,"6,105",67,0,"6,105" 53,29728,Gender-Based Violence Survivors' Support in Soweto,Hannah Goerlach,41843,Community-based Prevention & Empowerment Strategies South Africa,"5,369",45,0,"5,369" 255,30706,Improve the Income of 30 Widows Nduli Tanzania,Samson Mnyawami,43325,Community Self Help for Sustainable Development Organization (COSSUDEO),25,1,0,25 204,30970,"Support to children of Farmers, Tamil Nadu",Manickam Padmavathi,10938,Community Renovation and Organisation Advancement Trust (COROAT),189,3,0,189 266,30958,BUILD A SCHOOL TO END CHILD MARRIAGES IN ZAMBIA,Ronald Phiri,36586,Community Projects and Human Development Zambia-CPhDZ,10,1,0,10 30,30332,Feed Families in Appalachian Ohio,Maribeth Saleem-Tanner,44399,Community Food Initiatives,"6,693",93,0,"6,693" 94,30413,Prevent starvation among 70 families in Uganda,Brenda Nakirya,45009,Community Concerns Uganda Initiative,"1,595",21,0,"1,595" 227,30935,Feed Our Orphans,Dan wagidoso,33302,Community Child Development Orphanage,100,1,0,100 267,30921,Sex Education & Economic Empowerment Project,Keghah Roger Nuah,36682,Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association Cameroon,0,0,0,0 267,30849,To Help 1500 Girls Remain in School During Menses,Patrick Jonathan Mwale,14162,Communities in Development Activities,0,0,0,0 83,30704,Empower Maya Weavers' Children through Education,Asociación Cojolya,45004,Cojolya Association,"2,004",34,0,"2,004" 267,30196,St Anne School for Underprivileged children,kyohairwe kay,35721,Coalition for human rights education,0,0,0,0 174,30749,CTN Scholarship Aid,Stephen Quainoo,42518,Clothe The Naked Outreach,340,5,0,340 97,30709,Help CAARE End Shocking Experiments on Cats,Barbara Stagno,43113,Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research & Experiments,"1,520",44,0,"1,520" 267,30972,Paint4Senegal - Cisse Niass Project,A. M. Davis,43883,Cisse Niass Project,0,0,0,0 267,30917,STEP UP Frederick Student Songwriting Contest,Caron Dale,34176,Chords of Courage,0,0,0,0 84,30126,Light Up a Home in Zimbabwe,Story Chokurongerwa,42291,Chipindura Park Residents' Association,"2,000",1,0,"2,000" 42,30728,Combat malnutrition and disease in 780 infants,Dung Nguyen,34458,Children's Hope In Action (CHIA),"5,754",49,0,"5,754" 267,31019,Fund a Helpline Peer Counselor,Childline Zimbabwe,37487,Childline Zimbabwe,0,0,0,0 263,29953,Let"s Help Miroslav to Hear His Mother"s Voice,Catherine Gavrilenko,34350,Charity fund POMOGAEM,15,1,0,15 35,30291,Empower Victims of Boko Haram Violence In Nigeria,Theophilus Ekpon,45227,Centre for Sustainable Development and Education in Africa,"6,068",65,0,"6,068" 267,31154,Empowering Communities to End Child Marriage,Pearson Malisau,45081,Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI),0,0,0,0 267,30522,Improving Learning Conditions of rural Pupils,Mohammed Awal Sumani,40253,Centre for Active Learning and Integrated Development (CALID),0,0,0,0 128,31147,Help Northern Uganda's Dogs,Sarah SCHMIDT,15072,"Central Valley Coalition for Animals, dba The BIG FIX",700,8,0,700 255,30556,PROTECTING 1000 NEPALESE CHILDREN FROM CHEMICALS,Ram Charitra Sah,25842,Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED),25,1,0,25 143,30924,New Generation of Vietnamese Conservation Leaders,Nguyen Trinh Le,43978,Center for People and Nature Reconciliation,570,7,0,570 260,30732,"Malaria prevention for 2,000 schchildren in Malawi",Patrick Namakhoma,34053,Center for Advancement of Sustainable Development (CASDE),19,1,0,19 231,29945,NOSTALGIA SENIOR THEATRE RENOVATION,Mikheil Tsitsishvili,34425,Catharsis,90,1,0,90 80,30626,Provide Summer Camps for 500 Youth in Transylvania,Jackie Curtin,43659,Care2Travel,"2,213",17,0,"2,213" 217,30396,Education Center For Child Slavery On Volta Lake,John KB Abassa,42322,Care Volunteers Network,140,3,0,140 267,30564,2018 Elections and Social Media Campaign,Moiyatu Braima,33143,Campaign for National Unity-Sierra Leone( CNU-SL),0,0,0,0 267,30668,Kilum Forest Youths Plant trees to Get More Honey,Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch CAMGEW,42683,Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW),0,0,0,0 267,30104,Psycho - social support of Survivors of sexual Vio,Etienne PALUKU,40789,COPERMA NGO,0,0,0,0 95,30781,Fueling a Ripple Effect: Empowering Kenyan Women,Millicent Adhiambo Joash,42088,COMMUNITY PLATFORM FOR EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (COPED),"1,567",12,0,"1,567" 122,30810,COWF's Global Health & Health Education Program,Claudia Nicolaou,16631,CHILDREN OF WAR FOUNDATION,820,6,0,820 245,30756,CHILD EDUCATION CHILD RIGHTS AND PROTECTION,CHAKKUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE CASS,45115,CHAK KUMAR ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL SERVICE,50,1,0,50 26,30702,Safe home for 200 vulnerable girls in India,Jaya Singh Thomas,5725,CHAITHANYA MAHILA MANDALI(CMM),"7,288",47,0,"7,288" 13,30423,Youth Violence Prevention Project in Ayacucho Peru,CENTRO LOYOLA AYACUCHO,39589,CENTRO LOYOLA - AYACUCHO,"10,547",41,0,"10,547" 246,26890,Educational support for Tribal children.,Ramkumar Selva,9316,CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RECONSTRUCTION,48,1,0,48 267,30628,Clean Water for 10 Households in Abidi Ore,CCEPE KWARA,42198,CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT AND POVERTY ERADICATION (CCEPE),0,0,0,0 255,30456,300-widows-children-need-educational-materials,Georges Gabin BOYOGUENO Y'OSSANG,31167,CAMEROON KOLPING ASSOCIATION,25,1,0,25 267,28800,Child Protection and Psychosocial Support,Awish Buti,33889,Buti Foundation(BF),0,0,0,0 207,30208,"Liberian Women, Peace & Development Bridge",Lindora Diawara,44555,Business for Peace Community Development Foundation,185,4,0,185 267,30948,Educate 250 Orphans in Rural Uganda,Katumba Sowali,16110,Bugisu muslim development centre (BMDC),0,0,0,0 267,30856,Clean Drinking Water Facility for Poor Communities,Naseer Ahmed Channa,44625,Bright Star Development Society Balochistan,0,0,0,0 73,30736,Quality Education for Orphan & Vulnerable Children,Brave Hearts Ethiopia,44273,Brave Hearts,"3,117",45,0,"3,117" 88,30494,Surgery for people with body defects in Tajikistan,Manizha Khayriddinova,43755,Body Surgery,"1,833",34,0,"1,833" 217,30117,"Boca Costa Medical Mission, Guatemala fundraising",dianne thompson,37944,"Boca Costa Medical Mission, Inc.",140,2,0,140 267,30412,Hands Off Our Grants (HOOG) Campaign,Jocelyn Freed,37009,Black Sash,0,0,0,0 267,30613,Production of Water at Ijoko Village for Disables,Bishop Emmanuel Empowerment Foundation,28025,Bishop Emmanuel Empowerment Foundation,0,0,0,0 200,30876,Help Regain Life to 10 people of Nepal,Suman Gurung,42210,Birat Nepal Medical Trust,207,1,0,207 10,30763,Deliver solar ambulances to save lives in Namibia,Michael Linke,45299,Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia,"13,794",46,0,"13,794" 267,30848,Sanitation and Vaccination to Save Children,Alok Sahai,36779,Bhartiya Mahila Evam Gramin Utthan Sansthan,0,0,0,0 267,30171,BACHPAN -Alternate family care for 50 orphan child,Abhishek Bhartiya,39222,Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad,0,0,0,0 267,30960,"Support 80 OVC & women PLWHIV in Hawassa, Ethiopia",Alemtsehay Bekele,36381,Bethsaida Support for Children and Youth Association,0,0,0,0 241,30903,Save a Youth from Spousal Abuse in Ghana,Sophia Atadana,44204,Bendoweh Foundation,60,2,0,60 267,30583,Voice up 316 Uganda AIDS Cancer Orphans get drugs,Mugabe Herbat Joram,43972,Before Death-Worldwide,0,0,0,0 132,30246,Give 50 youngsters in Ethiopia a Bee Business,Tilahun Gebey,37900,Bees for Development Ethiopia,678,13,0,678 267,30752,Educational Traning for Homeless and Poor children,Ramlakhan Choudhary,43012,Bardoli Walfare Society,0,0,0,0 267,30404,Bull City Leadership,Barry Archer,32481,Barak Source For Learning,0,0,0,0 267,30869,IMPROVING YOUTH SELF-EMPLOYABILITY THROUGHT TVET,Jeanne d'Arc MUHONGAYIRE,3674,Bamporeze Association,0,0,0,0 267,28375,Sponsor Tailoring and Beautician Course for Women,Awadhesh Kumar,35846,Balajee Sewa Sansthan,0,0,0,0 47,30368,"Protect the Chacma Baboons in Sabie, South Africa",Jennifer Trethowan,43895,Baboon Matters Trust,"5,490",50,0,"5,490" 267,29983,Construction of a Maternity Unit and Closure,Ficard NDAYIMIRIJE,41794,BURUNDIAN ALLIANCE FOR AGAINST TUBERCULOSIS AND LEPROSY ABTL,0,0,0,0 267,30010,ADVOCACY AND TREATMENT OF 150 KALONGE MOSSY FOOT,Edouard KALAKUKO KYETILE,40993,BUREAU D'AIDE AU DEVELOPPEMENT COMMUNAUTAIRE /RDC en sigle ''BADEC- RDC'',0,0,0,0 267,30145,Community Based Accelerated Basic Literacy Project,EBENEZER NUNOO,20905,BRIDGE FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 267,30470,EDUCATING 200 LESS PRIVILEGED CHILDREN IN MAKOKO,ADEKUNLE MAFE,44739,BRAINYKID EDUCATION FOUNDATION,0,0,0,0 267,31036,Help 40 Ugandans to create income running a bakery,Lukas den Admirant,38926,BISS Bakeries Uganda Limited,0,0,0,0 250,30670,Tribal Farmers realized Sustainable Livelihoods,RAMA KRISHNA RAJU,24893,BAPUJI RURAL ENLIGHTENMENT AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (BREDS ),32,2,0,32 255,30802,"Water for Health, Hygiene and Sanitation",CHRISTIAN TABIFOR,41709,BAPESU,25,1,0,25 267,30112,SMARTEnvironment and Nutrition for Girls & women,Banwashi Vikash Ashram,39878,BANWASHI VIKASH ASHRAM,0,0,0,0 32,30226,Help Build the ARC (Avian Rehabilitation Center),Eric Kern,43529,Avian Rehabilitation Center,"6,375",61,0,"6,375" 266,30452,APDM ASSISTIVE DEVICES WORKSHOP,Charles Khaula,43042,Association of the Physically Disabled in Malawi (APDM),10,1,0,10 267,30410,Creating a Young Health E-Center Application,Kafui Koffi AKOLLY,37879,Association of Volunteers for the Promotion of Youth (AV-Jeunes),0,0,0,0 171,31065,Disadvantaged Youth Health and Nutrition Project,Cora Sayre,43052,Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Mindanao (ALEY-M) Inc.,358,14,0,358 267,30821,Use Sport to Help 5000 Girls and Women in Cameroun,Francois georges Nyeck,38093,Association internationale femmes et population,0,0,0,0 267,30874,Provide Education for 100 Women&Girls Para-Jurists,Eric NZOHABONAYO,40671,Association for Reconciliation and Development through English,0,0,0,0 64,30730,Youth Political Leadership Program (YPLP),Shad Begum,13697,Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT),"5,026",41,0,"5,026" 240,30102,Mushroom culture for refugees in Uganda,,36622,Association Refugee Elderly Persons in Uganda,65,2,0,65 1,30627,Polar expedition to free the oceans from plastic,Paola Catapano,43497,Association Polarquest,"51,637",141,"3,000","54,637" 117,30176,Maintain 50 vulnerable girls in school in Senegal,Fara NDIAYE,42480,Association Jeunesse Espoir (AJE),995,39,0,995 267,31066,A life-saving Maternity Waiting Home in Senegal,AGORA ASSOCIATION,40669,Association AGORA,0,0,0,0 267,30906,Support 5000 Adaklu Women to Process Cassava,Cosmos Abiwu,43100,Associates for Sustainable Rural Development (ASRuD),0,0,0,0 198,29399,Help People with Intellectual Disabilities,Isa Degaspari,25628,Associacao de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais de Sao Paulo,210,8,0,210 229,30645,Against slavery of working women in Guatemala.,Maritza Velasquez,44642,Asociacion de Trabajadoras del Hogar a Domicilio y de Maquila -ATRAHDOM-,95,1,0,95 259,30940,Help Children With Malnutrition In Chajul,Henry Baltazar Caba Escobar,41075,Asociacion de Campesinos Para el Desarrollo Social Maya Ixil -ASOIXIL-,20,1,0,20 156,30411,Inspire the next generation to protect our planet!,Diana Birnbaum,43014,Asociacion Wildness of Life,470,11,0,470 46,30971,Empower Ixil Guatemalan children through education,Miguel Brito,45024,Asociacion El Centro Explorativo,"5,558",42,0,"5,558" 110,30030,Sponsoring Education to Hearing Impaired Students,D.P.K Babu,2843,Ashray Akruti,"1,187",2,0,"1,187" 255,30915,Free Therapy Provided by Psychologists in DC,Satira Streter,45006,"Ascensions Community Services, Inc.",25,1,0,25 49,29237,Paint murals with 300 Syrian Refugee children,Joel Bergner,41121,Artolution,"5,418",45,0,"5,418" 267,30809,School Sanitation Tanzania,kari korhonen,43803,Art in Tanzania,0,0,0,0 166,30498,Train 500 Youth in Lebanon to be Change-Makers,Crystina Wyler,43027,"Art Transforms Conflict, Inc.",400,7,0,400 213,30385,Access to Quality Education to 500 Ghanaian girls,Michael Ologo,43445,Apostle Padi Ologo Traditional Birth Centre,150,1,0,150 254,30872,Offer Surgical Services for 1000 Needy Ugandans,Lilian Kamanzi Mugisha,38270,Amref Health Africa,25,1,0,25 267,28761,Beating Asthma,Chiwuike Uba,38873,Amaka Chiwuike-Uba Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30696,Restore Hope to Ugandan Youth through Mentor-ship,Tracy Mirembe,28042,Alma Family Centre,0,0,0,0 155,30988,Rohingya Women and Child Care and Protection,Syed Tarikul Islam,44745,Alliance for Cooperation and Legal Aid Bangladesh (ACLAB),470,9,0,470 255,30787,Improvement of the nutrition of 50 children,Grisel Flores,42230,Alimento para todos I.A.P,25,1,0,25 173,30601,Mentoring 1000 young people in the UK by 2020,Veronica Martin,38435,Aleto Foundation,341,3,0,341 267,30780,Conference debate on International Women's Day,KABWENDE Blaise,36275,Aides aux Personnes Demunies (Helps to the Needy),0,0,0,0 170,30754,Bring childhood education to 90 Cambodian children,Severine Ougier,45023,Aide et Action International,375,6,0,375 251,29965,keep vulnerable girls and boys safe and active,Sonti Mofokeng,42859,Ahisanang Sechaba,30,1,0,30 267,30808,Agro training centre for 1000 Nigerian students,Martin Ubur,45154,AgroPaths Development Initiative,0,0,0,0 266,29995,EmpowHer through Film: Help Girls Tell Their Story,Solomon Asuquo,39503,African Girls Empowerment Network,10,1,0,10 267,29957,Help 300 Vulnerable girls get Empowered in Nigeria,Leonard Romanus,41829,African Association for Prevention of Elders and Child Abuse,0,0,0,0 267,28688,Providing clean water in old Dagbadna (Nassarawa),Olugbenga Adeleye,38485,Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation,0,0,0,0 267,30248,Emergency Aids for War Affected Families,Niaz mohammad saqib,40479,Afghan Women and Children Humanitarian and Social Charity Welfare,0,0,0,0 206,30335,Educate 50 High School Students from Rwanda,Josiane Isingizwe,38113,Acts Of Gratitude (AOG),185,4,0,185 248,30528,Hope for100 domestic violence survivors in Nigeria,Chiamaka Uzomba,45201,Active Voices for Sustainable Development Initiative (Active Voices),40,1,0,40 267,30786,support gender based violence survivors in somalia,AWCCSomalia NGO,43963,Action for Women and Children Concern (AWCC),0,0,0,0 63,30448,Providing School Supplies to 100 Children in Ghana,Masami Narizuka,44816,Action against Child Exploitation (ACE),"5,045",44,0,"5,045" 267,27929,Fight cholera outbrake in Zomba rural district,Sammy Aaron,39744,Action Hope Malawi,0,0,0,0 237,30633,"Educating the Poorest Children of Bwaise, Uganda",Jaffar Tazan,7347,Action For Fundamental Change And Development - AFFCAD,70,2,0,70 213,30387,Renovating a Transitional Home for Women and Child,Cheryl Howard,41117,"Accompanied By God's Love, Inc.",150,2,0,150 245,30179,Give-Anti-Malaria-Medicine-and-Save-a-Child-life,Victor Koreyo,43122,Abraham's Children Foundation,50,1,0,50 116,30761,"Donate $18,000 to Orphanages in Bolivia",Rick Jackson,42877,AYUDA AL NINO BOLIVIAN,"1,000",1,0,"1,000" 192,30846,Promote Organic Farming for 15 Villages in India,Anupanahalli Anandakumar,38271,"AVISHKAR ( Association for village institutions Social,Health Agriculture & Rural development",228,2,0,228 222,30122,Improve Health of Orphaned Kids in Cameroon,Linus Ayangwoh Embe,42016,ASSOCIATION FOR COMMUNITY AWARENESS (ASCOA),125,6,0,125 227,30520,The Physical and Educational Center for Orphanage,Mrs.Vaddi Ratna Ross,35318,ASSIST MINISTRIES,100,1,0,100 257,30894,Support proof of concept - Aid Recycling in Africa,Moses Owharo,45060,ASPI and Mother Empowerment,23,2,0,23 209,30091,Habitat for Humanity Cameroon,Joseph Mimb,37202,ARLOBAAD.,179,4,0,179 267,30973,"#OktoberTest -4,000 young men know their HIV staus",Inad Rendon,44835,APCOM Foundation,0,0,0,0 267,30203,Mothers: First Defense Against Malnutrition,Charlie Kunzer,43244,ALIMA USA,0,0,0,0 267,30442,Retain and advance 100 HIV/AIDS OVC in N. Uganda,stephen otim,37964,AGORO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION,0,0,0,0 39,30660,Drill 2 wells for 186 women farmers in Mali,Fatou Doumbia,44383,AGILE-International,"5,890",44,0,"5,890" 118,30329,Support Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,Thomas Lomnan Jabon,42156,AFRICA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE,980,7,0,980 245,30095,Project: Water for 15000 Local Ugandans,Blair Samuel Musasizi,41651,AFRICA FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (AFCOD-Uganda),50,1,0,50 212,30665,Construct a craft center in Ghana,Dorcas Apoore,40226,ADVOCACY FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION AND GIRLS EDUCATION (ASIGE),153,2,0,153 266,30525,Boxing grannies,claude Maphosa,39592,A team fitness lifestyle,10,1,0,10 258,30953,Empower local communities to protect dry forests,Sanchia Rodriguez,44301,A Rocha Peru,20,1,0,20