Jun 15, 2021

HHWT MAY 2021 Report Mexico Govt Opened Schools

Collage of student activities
Collage of student activities

Good News! Mexican government opened local schools May 17, 2021 for small classes. All Covid 19 procedures are still in place.

HHWT opened our classes to ages 11 to 19 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since Covid 19 in 2020 shut down for 14 months we lost several volunteers at the school.  New classes for teaching safety and woodworking skills for older volunteers over age 50 on Tuesday and Thursday morning's.

Thank you all for your donations. The HHWT school is now just meeting most of its current monthly expenses. HHWT hopes to build up our reserves by the end of 2022.

We are meeting with Leon our young architect who lives in Ajijic.  Date is Tuesday June 22, 2021 at 10 AM at the HHWT school on the back lawn or it it rains inside the HHWT office.
Leon was referred by Arif who is the son of  Paul and Alma's son  Alma  is our HHWT lawyer.
Leon would like to talk with board of directors about assisting with a plan to buy our building,
as well as create preliminary drawings . He will help us create a vision of where we want to be in 3 to 5 years from now.
We now have the need to develop a capital campaign steering group. I welcome your help  to create and guide our 3 yo 5 year vision. I invite you to join us and help and be part this vision.
1 .First Goal Pre Capital Campaign Planning Phrase
2. Feasibility Study
3. Campaign Planning Phrase
4. Quiet Phrase
5. Campaign Kick Off
6. Public Phrase
7. Post Campaign
GlobalGiving has invited HHWT to participate in the July 14, 2021 matching day. Donations will be matched up to 50%. As we get closer more information will be provided
On July 19, 2021 we are starting a project for single women with children, two scholarships are available. Have them see Fidel Mendoza to enroll.

With Affinity

H Wayne Renz

May 3, 2021

HHWT March 2021 Report Vetted By GlobalGiving


On April 23rd HHWT Graduated the 2021 April accelerator project with GlobalGiving. HHWT achieved vetted status. HHWT is now a partner with GlobalGiving,

GlobalGiving has invited HHWT, now that we are vetted, to participate in the matching fundraiser in July 2021.

The HHWT board of directors met and discussed the need to create a capital campaign to buy the building we are in. By buying the building it will not to pay rent and have additional income for additional teacher and scholarships for HHWT students. You can donate appreciated stock through GlobalGiving and take a tax deduction. Please contact H Wayne Renz, the HHWT treasurer for donating appreciated stock for a tax deduction. The building can be named after you, Maybe called the The ------   ------ vocational school.

The HHWT board of directors and volunteers want to thank everyone who partnered with to raise over $5000 dollars from 40 different donors achieved that milestone and received badges from GlobalGiving,

The badges that were awarded to HHWT were Leader, Vetted and Top Ranked. (see photo)

Getting vetted by GlobalGiving has been a 2-year project, creating year end annual reports, getting letters of reference. HHWT legal documents, newspaper articles and Jalisco Government documents etc. and submitting them to GlobalGiving.

 On the first submission in Sept 2020 we to did not get selected, HHWT missed one document from the Mexican government stating that when we dissolve all are assets go to another charity.  HHWT was able to get that document and turn it in December 2020. HHWT was selected on March 16, 2021 to participate in the April accelerator project. Thank you all for participation between April 5th and April 23rd 2021. HHWT for the first time in 13 years has now monthly recurring donations. With these monthly recurring donations, we can plan ahead now.

HHWT hopes this month we will get 5 new partners to donate and reach our target of 60 Donors.  GlobalGiving has reward program where you get GG Reward points for reaching different targets. HHWT will receive additional engagement reward points when we have over 60 donors.

 The more GG reward points we achieve the more matching days and other activities we are invited to by GlobalGiving.

 Working with GlobalGiving is a big achievement and milestone for HHWT. We are very thankful for this opportunity to have access to worldwide crowdfunding. Now are partners can invest in HHWT, by credit card or debit card form anywhere in the world that has internet.

Apr 12, 2021

HHWT A.C. April 2021 Quarterly Survived 2020!

At Mama cleo's Boys home  3 level bunkbed
At Mama cleo's Boys home 3 level bunkbed

Have Hammer Will Travel A.C April 2021 

As we embark on our 13th anniversary, HHWT faces unprecedented challenges. During parts of 2020, COVID-19 restrictions forced us to close our doors, suspending our classes, and shutting down the school. These restrictions meant a 40 percent decrease in revenue from donations, work orders, and student crafts. We also suspended all in-person fundraising activities, which kept us from raising much-needed funds for our programs. During 2020, our revenue from donations and fundraising events was down 33 percent from that of 2019. HHWT leadership pivoted its operations to respond to the pressing needs to keep the organization afloat as we met these challenges. We cut our expenses by 30%,

A new Light has shined in 2021. Two orphaned boys from Mama Cleo’s boys home, helped build the 3 level bunkbed. They now have a bed to sleep in. They were sleeping on the floor before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ4bYx5B4QM

They just completed the basic woodworking safety training and finished their first project. A step stool April 2021.

In January and Feb 2021, the Mexico government shut down all schools. The board of directors of HHWT met, we went off campus and taught CAD (computer aided design) Tinkercad. to 9 orphaned boys on the premises of Mama Cleo’s boy’s home in Chapala, Mexico. The classes were every Tuesday and Thursday. The boys were happy and it was their first lessons in CAD. HHWT was thinking outside the box.

Have Hammer Will travel A.C. woodworking and CAD school reached one of our objectives in 2021 stated I our 2020 annual report. Page 7

2. To bring in new students from low income neighborhoods of the Lake Chapala area and increase their participation in our programs.


Finished bunkbed boys built
Finished bunkbed boys built
Students make stools at HHWT
Students make stools at HHWT


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