Sep 7, 2021

HHWT August 2021 : Remembering Howard Feldstein

HHWT Board of Directors visit to Conalep Tech
HHWT Board of Directors visit to Conalep Tech

HHWT August 2021 REPORT:  Remembering Howard Feldstein and Moving on


Our sincere condolences on behalf of the Board of Directors of Have Hammer will Travel A.C woodworking school to Howard Feldstein passing Aug 2021. Howard Feldstein was president of Lake Chapala society before HHWT was a legal A.C. in 2010.  Howard helped start the first woodworking hand tools class on the back patio of LCS. The woodworking hand tools class for local Mexican boys and girls ages 10 to 14. The young boys and girls learned valuable life skill though woodworking. LCS was the nurturing mother of HHWT 13 years ago. Thank you Howard and LCS.  Our thoughts and prayers to his family.


Moving on:  Our Executive summary


The Covid 19 has disrupted education systems across the world. The closures of school has had devastating effects on children and their ability to exercise their human rights to education. Education systems were already in crisis even before the pandemic and now facing drastic budget cuts. At the height of the crisis vast majority of children had their education interrupted. Particularity the poorest children, which is the most vulnerable population at risk. The majority of the children are in learning poverty. They do not have access to local schools due to limited enrollment or access online education. Education is the hope of sustainable global economies and individual incomes. Gaining these foundational educational skills is priority for literacy and social emotional learning.


 September Semester 2021


The vital news is there is a solution and a way forward that turns the crisis into an opportunity, but only with urgency now. Making education inclusive, engaging and adaptive. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C Woodworking school has rebuilt its volunteer team and hired a new woodworking staff for the Sept 2021 semester. We will be focusing on educational technology where it has been effective, proven and most equitable. At HHWT we will be better at utilizing our resources by coordination, alignment and effectiveness by partnering with Conalep Technical College. In August 2021 we completed all the legal papers and turned the application to work officially with Conalep. Conalep Technical college (Colegio de Educación Profesional Técnica Del Estado de Jalisco) required that we be vetted by the Mexican governmental board of Conalep. HHWT looks forward to that relationship and providing scholarships to our students to move onto higher education at Conalep. Hopefully to be vetted in 2021. Our Sept enrollment at HHWT has been successful.  We are at capacity with a waiting list.


Your Continued Support


Thank you all for your generosity, HHWT is where it is because of your continued partnership in changing the lives of Mexican youth both boys and girls. HHWT is now partnering with local groups that empower young Mexican women.  For the first time HHWT in Sept 2021 has a woodworking class for women with women volunteers. We have two young women in the class age 14 who could not get enrolled in Sept at Escuela Preparatoria regional de Chapala high school, because of limited enrollment. They are enrolled for preparatoria in Jan 2021. The two girls are on a HHWT scholarship and will be sponsored by Changemakers for high school scholarship in Jan 2022. Through our special relationship with Changemakers the young women were referred to HHWT and have an opportunity for empowerment through woodworking and CAD education during the Sept Dec layover. They may continue at HHWT part time in Jan.


GlobalGiving Little by Little Campaign Sept 13 to 17, 2021


Five days of fundraising, 50% match on all donations.


Matching funds will not run out.

HHWT will be raising $720 dollars to fund tools for women’s woodworking class.


With Affinity

H Wayne Renz

Treasurer HHWT



Aug 6, 2021


2021 July Monthly report Hello everyone! Greetings from Lake Chapala, Mexico. Today we would like to give you an update about our New Campus Building Project as things have been moving ahead quickly in the last week. In the last year, Mexico’s economy has been devastated by the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, mainly the drop of tourist numbers from around 30 Million to basically nothing. We had no face to face fundraising events in 2020. The board of directors came to the rescue and donated $195,000 pesos to cover fixed expenses. HHWT cannot have this lockdown happen again. HHWT may not survive it. we need to buy a building and have no more rental expenses. Hoping for some decline in real-estate prices, we have taken this opportunity to review additional properties besides our current building that was our favorite. We reviewed other properties online that were within our price range and location requirements. The result of our reviewing these properties showed that the building we are renting is still the one best suited to accomplish both our long- and short-term vision for Have Hammer Will Travel Woodworking School. Since the “ball is in our court” in the negotiation process with the owner, the Building Leadership team has recently spent hours in discussions about our next steps. We have decided to pursue this building and have asked the Board of our Foundation for permission to negotiate an appraised quote from the owner to see where we need to be the next three to five years. We have received the permission to negotiate a new lease, with possible option to purchase within the month of August. We are working to complete a capital campaign budget for this project. Hopefully we will meet our fundraising goal within five years and have ownership of the building, we will continue our fundraising and start the renovations as the needed money is raised. All incoming funds will then be for renovations. When the project is completed the new campus will be used for vocational training and counseling needs for the women and children from local surrounding towns. HHWT will be able to meet the needs of our community with a more modern and welcoming facility. Thank you for your interest in our work here in Have Hammer will Travel A.C Woodworking school and we hope that you are as encouraged as we are about the vision of our new campus finally! Good news! thank you for partnering with us, on July 14, 2021 GlobalGiving Matching bonus campaign, we received $3000 dollars Matching bonus from our partnership with GlobalGiving to help start our new campus campaign. Thanks! HHWT board of Directors . . . . . . . .

Jul 6, 2021

HHWT JUNE 2021 Be The Light Capital campaign

Beautiful image of turtle handmade on stepstool
Beautiful image of turtle handmade on stepstool


HHWT JUNE 2021 Be The Light Capital campaign was approved by the Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Board fo Directors the campaign to purchase our currnet building we rent and improvements to it. Leon the architect is drawing up prelinmary plans for review this weekend.

 The classes for Single women with children start on July 19, 2021, To empower the women students we are inviting other local women empowerment groups to come to the school and teach a classs or classes on womens empowement.We realize we can not do it all alone and must partrner with other lcoal womens empowerment groups. Our special project: we will work with at-risk single women with children HHWT will help these Mexican women along with their families to provide positive resources for success. During their time with us, these women will gain life skills through woodworking and Computer Aided Design (CAD) that are necessary for personal and professional happiness in life and guide these women to continue on to a higher level education.

Our mission in this special project is to empower single mothers with life skills through woodworking and Computer Aided Design which will help them transform their lives and rise above the poverty line. We see the dignity of every human being for their human rights and freedoms at each stage of their lives.

Single mothers who are enrolled in our school will develop life skills through hands on vocational training in woodworking, CAD and digital citizenship. This will help them to reach their full potential. This technical and life skills education is the key to unlocking themselves and their families from the vicious cycle of poverty. The students acquire more confidence upon participating in our program.



  •  The globalgving matching campaign is July 14, 2021
  • 8:15 Ajijic/Guadalajara time or 9am Washington D.C.
    $400,000 available in Matching Funds
     for participating projects!
  • 15% match on donations from $100 - $499 (while funds remain)
  • 30% match on donations from $500 - $749 (while funds remain)
  • 50% match on donations from $750 - $1,000 (while funds remain)
  • Matching Fund rates will apply to donations up to $1,000 per unique donor per organization

Thank you for your partnership and generous support.

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