Jul 27, 2021

Helping Small Farmers During Pandemic

An increasing number of countries are facing growing levels of food insecurity due to the current pandemic situation. Even before COVID-19, reduced incomes and disrupted supply chains, chronic and acute hunger were on the rise due to various factors. COVID-19 impacts have led to severe and widespread increases in global food insecurity, affecting vulnerable households in almost every country.  Higher prices, combined with reduced incomes, mean more and more households have to cut down on the quantity and quality of their food consumption especially in rural and tribal communities.

In the light of this, Seva Mandir has been able to leverage its engagement with rural tribal communities and reached out to individuals in various capacities. Seva Mandir is responding to this situation by undertaking the immediate Covid Relief Work along with working on long term support to the rural communities which are affected badly by the pandemic.

Last Year, with the support from well wishers like you, we distributed over 52,000 survival kits including sanitation and safety kits, sanitary pads and food kits. However, we evolved our relief approach during the second wave this year. Under the relief efforts, 2.3 lakhs people across 415 villages were reached through awareness drive on Covid. Also, around 1,000 Covid affected families were supported and more than 6,500 food, sanitation and safety kits were provided to the people in need in rural Rajasthan. However, with immediate relief, long term support is required to sustainably rehabilitate the small farmers. Therefore, efforts are ongoing to work with small farmers especially women.

Noji, a 33 years old farmer lives with her three children in a tribal village in our working area. She has been cultivating seasonal crops as per availability of water in nearby shared water resource. Noji came to know about Seva Mandir’s agriculture program and showed her willingness to participate. Under the project, she received training on best farming practices along with 25 kgs garlic seeds. She was convinced to use only farmyard manure in her field instead of pesticides as promoted in the project.

As a result, this year in March, she harvested 2.3 quintal garlic. After putting aside supplies for home consumption and next year’s seed, she sold rest and earned a Rs. 10,350 ($139). She is happy that she learned advanced techniques of farming and the profit she is making now will take care of education of her children along with many other basic needs.

"These are uncertain times. Farming has helped us manage our houses throughout the year. The support and knowledge we received from Seva Mandir is a big help." says Noji.

This is just one of the stories of how your contribution is enabling Seva Mandir to support small farmers lead a dignified life. We hope that you continue to create opportunities for more small farmers to come out of the vicious circle of poverty.

Thank you,

With warm regards,

Atul Lekhra & the Seva Mandir Team

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Jul 27, 2021

Helping Malnourished Children During Pandemic

Malnutrition is the leading cause of child deaths in India. Between 40 and 50% of child deaths under the age of five are due to malnourishment. More than 60% of children in Seva Mandir’s work area are suffering from some form of malnutrition. The current pandemic scenario has further worsened the situation. 

The reasons for child malnutrition are multidimensional, ranging from inappropriate feeding and childcare practices and endemic poverty to lack of sanitation facilities and safe drinking water and lack of effective healthcare. Seva Mandir has developed program to address this issue in an integrated way whichhas resulted in improvements in rates of malnutrition.

Mini (name changed), was just 1 year old when she began suffering from vomiting, diarrhea and a high fever. She was brought to the community health centre where she was diagnosed as being Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) and referred to the Seva Mandir supported Malnourishment Treatment Center (MTC). The doctor advised her to be admitted as soon as possible as her condition was critical. She had not been eating properly and was losing weight.

Her mother was unaware of the devastating effects of malnutrition and thought that her daughter was suffering from a minor ailment and would recover soon. Mini was admitted weighing just over 5kg, putting her in the most critical category. She stayed at the MTC for 13 days and started showing signs of recovery soon after her treatment began. She began to eat food which was rich in energy, fat and protein. When she was discharged from the MTC after 13 days she weighed 5.4kg, could hold her head up, which she was unable to do before, and was much more active. She is now healthy and in a normal nutritional category. Meanwhile her mother and family were counselled on recommended nutrition for the child.

This new life for Mini has only been made possible because of the support Seva Mandir receives from well-wishers like you. However, there are many more children like Mini who are still in danger and need your support.

We hope that you will continue to support our project and help us in making a positive change in the lives of hundreds of children in need.

Thank you again for your generous support. Stay safe and well.

Warm regards,

Atul Lekhra & the Seva Mandir Team 

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Jul 15, 2021

Extending a Helping Hand to Fight Covid-19

The second wave of Covid19 has brought about devastating effects across the Indian population, disproportionately affecting rural India as access to health care is well known to be inhibited in those geographies. In the light of this, Seva Mandir has been able to leverage its engagement with rural tribal communities and reached out to individuals in various capacities.

Seva Mandir is responding to this situation by undertaking the Covid Relief Work for the community which is hard hit by the pandemic. Also, it is implementing robust measures to protect its staff and the team of front liners who are undertaking the implementation of the relief work.

Last Year, with the support from friends like you we had distributed 52,200 kits (Sanitation Kits 37800, Sanitary Pads 2500, Food Kits 3200, Storage Kits 4200, Safety Kits 4500).

This year our approach was different and was not only on only distributing kits. In the second phase we reached 415 villages and our awareness outreach was 2.3 lakh people, we reached 978 covid affected families, a total of 2910 food kits; 3880 sanitation kits; 678 safety kits; 64 monitoring kits were distributed.

Additionally, oxygen concentrators are also being provided at the “local” Community Health Centers. To reduce the disease burden on an already exhausted public healthcare system, community healthcare workers on the grassroots are being provided with thermometers and oximeters to identify early symptoms and take immediate action.

This all certainly has not been possible without your support. We greatly appreciate your trust in Seva Mandir and for supporting our project. Your support is helping us in making changes in the lives of hundreds of people in need.

Thank you so much. Stay safe and well.

Warm regards,
Atul Lekhra & the Seva Mandir Team 

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