Sep 28, 2020


SDG Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Dear Friends, Families & Well wishers,

First and Foremost, all our beneficiaries are healthy and thriving. And by God's grace no one has contracted the corona virus, but life really has been very difficult for all alike.

Our country has gone into a complete lockdown and shut down after that for over 5 months which got many, many struggling. Our offices remained shut during the said times but not us. We did whatever was possible from home and the phones and ofcourse internet!!

We concluded that children were the most vulnerable and needed constant reminding that it's short term and that life will remain to normalcy sooner. That's why our staffs got busy in communication since the very beginning. Most of our work was calling and talking to them parents and children, in particuar. These revolved around explaining corona virus, its symptoms and all preventive measures.

As time passed on there was more restlessness and uncertainity. Children's education was hampered and things would  be slowly moving out of hands and parents were helpless.

Thus we decided to act on this. We therefore brought books and all stationary items and distributed to all the children that we were supporting. This was followed by communication to the mothers and children alike. We asked them to indulge in a little bit of studying every few hours. 

This way they were learning from their books and also about corona virus and health from our staffs.

Not a big thing, but helped making a difference!!


Thank you every one for your kindness and genoristy.



Aug 25, 2020

Corona Virus & the Lock down: the solution ?

Dear Friends,

Pray that you and your family are keeping well.

There is uncertainity all around the globe, no two doubts about that! The Corona Virus is nearing an explosive number of a million deaths and no signs of infection decreasing any time soon.

Vaccines are months away and we've got to live with the corona virus until (the least) 2022, says WHO, ofcourse with safety precautions etc.

The third world country like ours get affected the most: people have lost jobs and are fighting relentlesslly for survival and not to forget the mental health!

Our country has already been in the lockdown in the past for 120 days and right now in the second phase implemented by the local governments as per the situation. More than half of the 77 districts are in lockdown currently. Sadly, with out proper managements and no pragmatic steps ahead.

As an organization, it has been difficult to operate. We are used to taking action(s) on the field, visiting families, providing them with nutritious food, education support, health and awareness but with the virus very active and of course the prohibitory orders, we are crippled. We have, however not lost hope, and definitely not stopped any suuport.

Through out the first lock down we delivered food suppies and items of hygiene to all our "Educare Families" for 3 months unsure of how long the lock down would continue. Post the easiness, we were worried about the children. Our team constantly talked to the mothers and the children on a regualr basis keeping them aware and asking them to follow the sops' in their daily lives.

By the grace of God, none of our beneficiareis have been infefcted with the corona virus (although there has been very little testing) atleast there have been no complains of any related symptoms.

We have distributed education supplies to all the children that we support. A total of 105 children received them stationary and books so that they could continue their education through whatever means possible. Some of them have been engaed through schools with online classes while the majority remain far eluded from this facility. However we have asked the mothers to engage them in their studies for a couple of hours daily. 

At present, more than 30,000 cases and around 150 deaths have been reported . So far, the government's handling of the COVID-19 has been inadequate and largely mismanaged to say the least. 

Besides our regular beneficiaries, the TEAM also feels for the people in our surroundings that are desperate. 

Our focus has been on "Awareness" On every level, the management and the board has broadcasted messages of awareness where possible.

The second action has been feeding people, taking into consideration, people have lost jobs and are on the verge of defeat mercilessly! We cooked nutritious food and delivered to the homes of the most disadvantaged families and this in cordination with the local government authority.

The third action has been providing baby foods to the families having children below 2 years of age. 

This is the least we could do with all the rseources at our disposal. 

We can not thank our donors, friends and families enough for their kindess and generosity. These are not big deeds but definitely acts making major difference to the lives of people and the socitey!



TEAM Bahini Foundation

Jun 5, 2020

Challenging New year 2020

Supplies ready for delivery
Supplies ready for delivery

Dear Friends, Families and well wishers of the Bahini Foundation,

I hope you and your families are healthy and hearty. The COVID-19 pandemic has caught us all unaware.

We all wanted to start afresh this new year with higher motivation and zeal to support our beneficiaries. We had sent three of our young girls that had just completed schooling to undergo "Livelihood Training" to Kathmandu with hopes that they would be prepared for a new life with better skills. Infact 'Life skills' that would enable them to find jobs, get paid well and help their families. This would have been a great beginning so that other girls would get this opportunity, providing a big relief to us and the families. 

The pandemic made our government to ensure a complete lockdown and out of the blue the whole nation came to a standstill. A new thing to happen in ages, people stayed indoors.

Our girls have all returned back to their families just in time before the lockdown. BUT the problem begins now.......

Our #EducareFamilies mostly based in villages would certainly be hit very hard. They were our first and foremost concern. Our TEAM made sure to connect to them in every possible way. Each member of the team has been calling them to check about their well being. On the phones they have been made aware about the Corona Virus, the symptoms and ways to remain uninfected! 

Survival, however was the bigger concern! 

There was much unsurety all around but we wanted to make sure our beneficiaries were safe and sound. We therefore called for a "Virtual Meeting" of the board and decided immediately to apply for a "Vehicular Pass" from the Government and provide food supplies and items of hygiene for all our families. It was decided that we provide them families these supplies sufficient for three months.

The 'vehicular pass' was very complicated and we just could not procure it after trying for a week.

So we decided to move on with out the pass. With the food supplies in the back of our truck, we though we could convinve the police and security personnel .

Accordingly, we distributed all the food supplies to the familes with in a week and luckily, there was no objection whatsoever .

The families were very happy to receive the supplies and we asked them to be extra careful and also to make sure they do not waste food.

Our TEAM is in regular communication with all the families and all of them are thriving. 

Most importantly, by God's grace, not a single of our beneficiaries have been infected by the virus and hopefully it remains so.

Thank you every one of you for your kind donations, it has made a big difference to the families.

BUT it's going to be more difficult in the days to come and we'd definitely need more funds. PLEASE HELP! Donate whatever you can.

THANK you very much.
Raymond, Surendra & TEAM

A family receives supplies for 3 months
A family receives supplies for 3 months
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