Jul 16, 2021

Widowhood & our Impact

Dear Friends & benefactors,

 Bahini Educare has been established with the main objective of PREVENTION of the worst forms of abuse, violence and discrimination of girls and women!

This is including prevention of trafficking, rape and forced prostitution. Our target groups are destitute single mothers with dependent daughters; the most vulnerable group with regard to the above listed crimes.

We are preventing these crimes by addressing food-insecurity and the provision of the most basic needs for them to live a life in dignity and safety.

One such story follows a mother with 2 daughters and 1 son. The father of this family had two wives. When his first wife didn’t have any children he married her younger sister. She gave birth to two daughters and a son.

When the husband, the only bread earner, died the family was in a miserable condition. When Durga was diagnosed with breast cancer, things turned from bad to worse! The local ward community referred this family to BEF and we supported this family since August 2018.

Recent Updates:

The family has shown remarkable progress in terms of health, education and livelihood. The eldest daughter is currently studying in Grade XI and helping her family. Durga has recovered from her cancer and currently the whole family is well and all are inspired and actively involved in improving their livelihood.

Due to the pandemic and the collapse of the economy many more are in desperate need of our help.

We are only determined and commited to help many more. Plese HELP!

Thank you for your generous donations..


with kindest regards,

Surendra & TEAM
Bahini Educare Foundation

Jun 2, 2021

Educare Family Assessment

Assessment report Sita (Name Changed) Family

The “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” was established in the year 2014 and this with the declared objective to prevent the ‘worst forms of abuse, exploitation, violence and discrimination of girls and women’ in Nepal. To this end we are implementing an all-encompassing strategy to protect, support and empower our target groups. They are belonging to the most underprivileged in Nepal.

We are supporting the most vulnerable, namely destitute widows/single mother with dependent children and we are providing for their basic needs and education. Moreover we are advocating and empowering our beneficiaries and provide the best possible support, education and job-training.

Over the years we have witnessed tremendous improvement in our beneficiaries and we didn’t register a single incident of violence, rape, child marriage or trafficking!

Below is a recent assessment we made from one of the 26 families we are currently supporting:

Sita (Name Changed) Family (admitted in January 2021)


Single mother:     Sita (Name Changed), Aged 22

Beneficiaries:      Rita (Name Changed), Aged 8 (Daughter)                              

Education :         Nursery                        

School Name:      Community School

Address:               Gyarjati, Sarangkot

Living conditions: Her maternal house was swept away by a disastrous landslide. She lives in a shabby room provided by one of her neighbours temporarily.

Beneficiary Details : Sita (Name Changed) was married off at a very young age. She has a daughter. The alcoholic and abusive husband left his family in the year 2019 and Sita (Name Changed)  moved to her parent’s house and somehow they managed to survive.

But in October 2020 disaster struck this family!

It was pouring rain for three days on end. On the night of the 11th the family was celebrating a birthday when the heavy rainfall triggered a landslide, which swept away their house. Sita (Name Changed)’s father and mother were killed and many others who lived in the same house sustained injuries. Sita (Name Changed) and her daughter both escaped with fractured legs. They were admitted in the hospital for 21 days for physical injuries and mental trauma.

A journalist friend requested for emergency support for this family. Our nurse visited the family in the hospital and upon assessment we decided to look after Sita (Name Changed) and her daughter until further

The family has been supported as an Educare Family since January 2021.

Current Situation

The situation of the family has seen a dramatic improvement. With the support of BEF they are now provided with three square meals a day, appropriate counseling, health and hygiene. The health of the mother and daughter has improved and they are able to walk and do their errands. Counseling sessions have helped a great deal.

Without a house to stay and family to support them Sita (Name Changed) and her daughter would have been doomed and the support and the advice from our organization is vital for their survival.

Many more destitute single mothers are in a similar situation and we are ready to take many more under our wings, but to this end we need your support and more funds in order to continue and extend our mission!

Please give promptly and generously, no one is more deserving of our support!


Sincerely yours

Surendra Patiyar 

Apr 12, 2021

COVID 19 Relief Action in Nepal

In Nepal millions more fell into poverty in the year 2020/2021 because of the pandemic induced economic recession. Poor people are living on $ 2,- or less daily! Our target groups, Widows/single Mothers/Grandmother’s with dependent children are day laborers and they live literally from the hand to the mouth. “No work is synonymous to no food”!

These women and their children find themselves on the lowest rung of the social ladder without any support or social net and always prawn to worst forms of exploitation and abuse. Despair is driving many of them to commit suicide; this is a shocking and sad reality during this terrible pandemic!

Trafficking of girls and young women into the sex-trade too has increased considerably during these times and as an organization that has as the main objective “the prevention of worst forms of violence and abuse”, this is an appalling effect of the new, Covid-19 induced poverty!

During these difficult/challenging times “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” stepped up and increased their support for the most vulnerable”.

For many we were able to prevent food-insecurity, the most painful sting that poverty can inject! Moreover we provided indispensible items for hygiene, healthcare and prevention of infections.

In the past 3 months Bahini Educare Foundation has supported around 75 families that are belonging to our target groups with the following supplies:

Each family received:

a)    Rice 25 kgs

b)    Lentils 2 kgs

c)    Salt 1 kg

d)    Sugar 1 kg

e)    Cooking oil 2 litres

f)     Grams 2 kgs

g)    Soyabean 2 kgs

h)    Spices 500 gms

i)     Biscuits 2 dozen

j)     Soaps ( 2 bathing/ 2 washing)


Along with this, our nurse is providing Covid-19 awareness’ and safety lessons for the mother and the children with instructions for proper hygiene and the prevention of the infection with the virus.

In the times to come we will face an uphill battle! But we have the determination and we are inspired to up the ante and with your HELP we can do!

No one is more worthy of our support and for our beneficiaries this is making all the difference. The hopeless find hope again and they are encouraged to continue their battle for survival.



Sincerely yours

Surendra& TEAM
Bahini Educare Foundation

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