Sep 22, 2021

Misery of single women in Nepal

The misery of Single Mothers in Nepal

Until this day the girls and women in Nepal are the majority of the unfed, stunted and uncared fore, the most discriminated, abused and exploited! In spite of some progress in this area over the last decade worst forms of discrimination are still a sad reality in Nepal. Without any social net and deprived of any support many Widows and single mothers find themselves on the lowest rung of the social ladder, they are stigmatized and often deprived of the most basic human rights.

The armed insurgency in Nepal accounts for the growth of widows and single mothers in Nepal as well as the significant number of men that are leaving to work abroad and never return.

Many husbands and fathers are leaving their wives and children to marry other women while others are wrecked by alcoholism and drugs.

This is leaving a huge number of single mothers without a bread earner and without protection.

The situation is even worse for single mothers with dependent daughters only and many of them find themselves in a desperate situation.

Extreme poverty and the lack of education is the root cause for all the misery encountered in rural Nepal and in the slums surrounding the cities. Poverty and the lack of education is the root-cause for worst forms of discrimination and violence such as prostitution, trafficking, child-marriage, rape and other intolerable forms of violence on girls and women.

Our approach:

We are determined to change this intolerable truth!

We are supporting our beneficiaries where they are living. In their homes in the villages or in the slums.

EDUCARE stands for Education, Healthcare, Food, Clothing, Hygiene, Counseling and Assistance whenever this is needed. “Educare-Families” are destitute single Mother/Grandmother headed families.

We are providing these families with staple food, clothes, healthcare and hygiene and most importantly we are providing education for the children!

These families are not receiving any money from us and this in order to prevent misuse and a total dependency. The mothers have to continue to work and the whole family is helping to make ends meet.

Our approach is unique in Nepal and with it we are creating a minimum of dependence compared to children’s homes and institutions. More over our approach is direct and effective: with “one dollar a day” we are making all the difference for our beneficiaries.

By now our Educare-Project” has been running for seven years and during this time we have not recorded a single incident of rape, sexual-violence, trafficking, violence or child marriage amongst our beneficiaries. All our families are feeling cared for and protected all our children are thriving and they are showing remarkable development, progress and confidence.

More over our work is highly appreciated by the larger community, schools, NGO´s and the Government authorities.

Due to your kindness and your generosity, we have been able to help our 26 “Educare-Families” , adding up to a total of 86 beneficiaries. We are highly motivated and eager to increase the number of our families and we are ready to ad ten more “Educare-Families”  in the year 2022.

Please support our mission; no one is more deserving of your help then these helpless and hopeless beings.

Thank you,

Surendra & TEAM
Bahini Educare Foundation

Aug 12, 2021

COVID Relief Action: Prevention of Food Insecurity

Dear Friends, donors and benefactors,

Current Situation in Nepal:
In Nepal millions more fell into poverty in the year 2020/2021 because of the pandemic induced economic recession. Poor people are living on $ 2,- or less daily and they are literally living from the hand to the mouth! For many, a day without work, means a day without food!

Hunger is the most poisoned sting that poverty can inflict on human beings and it is the root cause of for unbearable suffering. It entails an increasing number of suicides, rape, child-marriage, prostitution, desperation and anguish for many of the twelve million of the poor people in Nepal.    

During these difficult/challenging times “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” stepped up and increased their support for the most vulnerable”.

In addition to the regular support we are providing for destitute single mothers with dependent children we were able to extend our help for 800 more people who are in desperate need for help.

Hand in hand with the local authorities and the leaders in the communities we distributed staple-food to the most vulnerable groups including HIV/Aids affected people and disabled people.

We distributed rice and pulses which will prevent hunger for these people for one month. In addition we provided the most fundamental items for Covid-protection, namely masks and antiseptic soap.

For these people our help is making all the difference and it is giving them hope in the darkest hours of their lives.

With the donations we received through GlobalGiving and other donors and benefactors we were able to distribute the following goods for a total of 215 families.

Each family received:
Rice 25 kgs
Lentils 2 kgs
Soaps ( 2 bathing/ 2 washing)
Masks (15 pcs)

The poor people in Nepal are very resilient and they are able to cope as long as they have enough food for survival and it is our declared objective to help as many as we can in this efficient and direct way!

Please accept our deepest gratitude on behalf of all the families that have been supported through your generous donations.


Sincerely yours,
Surendra & TEAM
Bahini Educare Foundation

Jul 25, 2021

Sleeping Bags...

Dear Friends and benefactors

With our project “1 Sleeping Bag – for – 1 Life” we are targeting the poorest: namely; widows/single women with dependent children. These families live in rickety huts or makeshift shanties’ in the villages or in the slums. Their habitats are very basic and they don’t provide any protection from the cold in the harsh winter.

With a filled belly and a warm place to sleep the most painful sting that poverty can induce, hunger and cold, is removed and these helpless beings deprived of any other support will be encouraged to face the challenges in their daily battle for survival.

Through our last action, we were able to provide 30 warm sleeping bags to the most needy families. We are willing to donate more provided we receive the needed funds.

The COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted all plans alike and we have received very little funds for this project, but we would like to believe, come winter there will be donations and we can continue with this project.

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK all our donors who have donated from their heart reaching to the hearts of the most disadvantaged in Nepal.

Thank you for your support
Surendra & TEAM
Bahini Educare Foundation

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