Mar 4, 2019

Saraswoti, the Ama Ghar Dog Whisperer

Saraswoti smiling with visitors
Saraswoti smiling with visitors

When our little Saraswoti came to Ama Ghar as a result of the 2015 earthquakes, we were concerned about her. She seemed to have not only the PTSD symptoms that many of our children have when they arrive, but also some possible learning disabilities.

She was a bit shy and seemed comfortable mostly when she was around our Ama Ghar dogs, Tika, Siddhi, Jordi and JuJu. Interestingly, Siddhi, who has only three legs, is an earthquake survivor, too - so perhaps they have a special bond. Saraswoti spent so much time with them, we began to call them the Ama Ghar "Dog Whisperer".

Whether it was the support of her Ama Ghar family, her rapport with the dogs, the counseling she has received or all of those things - Saraswoti's progress in the last year has been amazing. Here's a quote from one of our Ama Ghar visitors about her:

"Cautious and hesitant a year ago, this year, she has truly grown and blossomed into a outgoing, smiley girl who even led all the children in dance routines. She has a wonderful affinity with dogs and Tikka, Jordi, Siddhi and Juju all adore her. We were thrilled to hear that Saraswoti did particularly well in her exams and is making excellent progress."

We are thrilled about this, too - Saraswoti, who is named for the goddess of knowledge and learning - is taking charge of her own education as well. As with all of our children, our goal is for her to grow up to be a happy, healthy, self-supporting adult. Thank you for supporting us in that mission.




Dec 21, 2018

Bishal Sees a Whole New World

Bishal loves his new glasses!
Bishal loves his new glasses!

The world has opened up for Bishal, who came to Ama Ghar after the earthquake.

He suffers from glaucoma and was having difficulty seeing when he arrived. He was quiet and somewhat withdrawn, which wasn't surprising - he was surrounded by his rambunctious Ama Ghar brothers, who love to play sports and Legos, but he couldn't participate. Even though all the other Ama Ghar children and staff were supportive and loving, he had only a fuzzy, out of focus version of his new place in the world.

Since his arrival, Bishal has had two operations and now has a new pair of glasses. He gets special help with his homework so that he can keep up with the rest of his class. He's still a bit quiet compared to his brothers, but we have discovered that he has an impish grin and a great sense of humor. He's starting to take an interest in playing the guitar and happily joins in with our daily Taekwondo classes.

Bishal is a great example of the success of our Ama Ghar mission: to give these displaced children a childhood and a future. We couldn't do it without you - thanks for helping Bishal and his brothers and sisters to see a whole new world.





Sep 25, 2018

Two new brothers!

Just a few weeks ago, we welcomed two new Ama Ghar brothers into our family. Kushal, age six, and Sushan, age four, lost their house and most of their family in the 2015 earthquakes.

Since then, they have been shuttled around to members of their extended family, none of whom are able to care for them. This happens often in Nepal, one of the world's poorest countries, because no matter how well-intentioned and loving their extended families might be, there's not always enough food to feed two hungry little boys.

We are so pleased to have these boys - they have had their initial medical checkups and are quite healthy - they just need nutritious food, an education... and most of all, love. They arrived a bit nervous about what their future might bring in this strange new place, as all the children do. But now, two weeks later, they are walking off to school with the rest of their Ama Ghar brothers and sisters, secure in the fact that they have a safe place and a family to come home to.

Generous donors like you are what makes this possible - without you, there would be no warm and loving housemother to make them feel at home, no doctor to care for them and no comfortable bed for them at night. And especially important is the fact that without you, these boys might have been separated and sent to different homes instead of holding hands and walking to school together.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our mission.

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