Jun 19, 2018

Why School are important in Rural villages?

Last month a news was published and this news represents the situation in most of the remote villages of Nepal.

We would like to share this one with everyone,


This is why The Small World’s school construction project are so important. We are not only providing a physical structure but we are providing a platform where life takes different road. We work to see teachers instead of child brides, leaders instead of forced child labors and individuals with vision instead of unemployed young generation.

Every schools we have finished and are planning to construct are possible only with kind support of our generous donors, humble labor contribution of community members and tireless actions of our ground staffs.

We wouldlike to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved near and far.

Thank you

Karma Sherpa

Jun 19, 2018

A place of Hope

Hope Home Update!!!

This is our 5th year in Himalayan Hope Home. Now we have 36 girls living in the Home. 2 of our girls have graduated from school. Both of them are now taking a gap year so that they can decide their further career. Rest of the girls are doing very good in school.

They have been playing different sports and have shown us amazing performances. Our Girls have won several medals in inter school competition in soccer, volleyball and basketball. Every single girl is determined to study as they are all once denied the opportunity. They understand the value of education and what their future can be with power of education.

Beside being good at academics these girls are always eager for new opportunities. Most of them are fond of wall climbing. Now 10 of the Hope Girls under mentorship of professional writing coach are learning to write professionally. They have been writing beautifully and this gives them a chance to use the power of their voice.

Also we have introduced these girls with self defense class so that they can feel safe and confident in any circumstances. Self defense is a important skill every young girls must learn specially in countries like Nepal.

These girls have taken a long journey to make unto Hope Home. Here they are not only safe and healthy but we want to provide them everything they need to make them realize their dreams. We ensure they have every opportunity that boys have so they can make the change in their community.

Thank you to all wonderful people who joined us in this journey of bringing Hope in vulnerable lifes.


Sarita and Sushma from Hope Home
Sarita and Sushma from Hope Home
May 11, 2018

windows into the life of hope girls

Krishma and her friends at hope home
Krishma and her friends at hope home

The Himalayan Hope Home in Kathmandu was founded as a place of refuge and support for at-risk girls from underprivileged communities in remote Nepal. Girls who are vulnerable to trafficking and abuse are provided a safe home, parental care, and every opportunity for their holistic development. Thirty orphaned or abandoned girls now enjoy being part of a family, and receive education, proper nutrition, clothing, and health care. At Hope Home, their lives are precious, and so is their childhood. They don’t just dream; they learn how to achieve their dreams.

The Himalayan Hope Home believes that every girl is entitled to an education and a voice in the world. And now, through a mentoring project, some of the girls at Hope Home have taken expression a step further, developing their written voice—in English. Their essays about life at Hope Home have been included in The Color of Hope: Abstract Paintings in Acrylic and Collage, a collection partly inspired by artist Margo Miller’s recent experience in Nepal and time spent at Himalayan Hope Home. These essays are windows into their lives.

This moth, enjoy the words of Krishma  below – in her own words.

I Am Happy Now

By Krishma , Grade 7

My name is Krishma.  When I was very young, I could pronounce nothing more than Krish, so I became known to my relatives by the name Krish. I grew up with my father in a small remote village called Taksindu. I used to work in the field which was very difficult for me. I also had to wash all my clothes. I worked very hard there.

My mother left me with my father when I was just seven years old and went for her own happiness. I do not want to remember her; I never miss her because she left me, and I didn’t get any love from her. Thinking about this used to make me feel very bad, but now I am not that way. I am okay without mom. I found another family with so many sisters who love me very much. I feel very lucky to have this family.

When I was 10 years old, an organization offered me a chance to come Kathmandu for my studies. I was very excited, but when I reached Kathmandu I felt nervous because all the new people were there. I saw many people my age. They seemed happy, but I was sad. When I went to school the first day a teacher came and spoke to me. English language was very new for me, and again I had no idea what to do. A friend from Hope Home told the teacher all about me. Later, all the children became friendly to me, and I also became happy.

Hope Home is not only a home like other people see from outside. For me, it is another world where I found my happiness. I have the life I used to wish for. I do not have to work here, and I am going school, playing games at home, practicing dance, watching TV with friends, visiting new places, and going shopping. This makes me very happy.

Here we understand each other very well. If someone gets sad we will all be there to make her happy. We share everything, even sadness. We celebrate all the festivals together, and I feel like all my friends are my own family. People from outside sometimes ask us if we are from the same family. We reply, yes, we are from different mothers but same family. The thing I like very much here is taking care of each other.

This home is a very precious gift for us. Now I am 14 and I understand so many things about life: why we are here, what we have to do, and what is the importance of our family life. I am very happy here, dreaming to fulfill my goals every day, and I see the other sisters are also very happy here. I love my Hope Home and my sisters.

I want to be a good actress in my future.

Hope girls presenting cultural dance in school
Hope girls presenting cultural dance in school
Celebrating hope girls
Celebrating hope girls
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