Dec 17, 2018

The Small World Girls' Dream


In every country around the globe, women and girls face various obstacles and discrimination solely because of their gender. Even in developing country like Nepal, gender gap between man and women are facing as one of the major program. In the remote Himalayan communities where The Small World is working many girls do not get education, become child brides, are abused and many trafficked into sex slavery.


After many years of our work, The Small World realize education is key to flight with these entire problems & we initiate special program to educate young girls keeping in school. Because we believe in the power of girls to effect change. We want to tell girls they can change the world by equipping them with guidance, training and resources. Now we have more girls in classroom than ever before. In those years of getting education they also realized what potentials each of them have and what is it like


We are very proud of them; today they realize what they want to be and how they like to live their life. We are continue working hard to help to realize their come true whatever they want to be as first role model educated successful girl in her family & community. Country like Nepal, when girls are educated they have more return on investment into her family & community. Therefore, we like to urge you all our generous supporters help us to help their dream come true by donating today . 


We are also very pleased to share you all , our generous long term donor is matching all your donation for this project before year end  and all your donation are tax deuctable in USA & UK.

Once agian, thank you very much for all your continue great support . We wish you all have happy holiday season !!! 

Namaste ! 
Karma Sherpa 


Aug 20, 2018

Together Hope For the Future of Nepalese Girls

The Himalayan Hope Home
Himalayan Hope Home has become a true and heartfelt home for our girls who, having been rescued from dire circumstances, are provided a safe shelter in a family environment, complete with love, peace, security, and the gift of education to change their lives for a strong future. Today, Hope Home, as it is known, is delighted to share that it has expanded its support and family from 30 girls to 36 beautiful young girls.


We are Family . . .

Here at Hope Home, our girls have found a family again. All of our girls live, plan, and work together for their future dreams. They care for each other as sisters, study, share games, and enjoy singing and dancing together. They all actively participate in helping with household chores, cooking, and community activities.


Hope for the Future . . .

Every year during our annual anniversary, we ask our “Hope” girls to share their dreams. These 36 girls are an example of how strong and determined girls can be if we can provide them a safe place and educational opportunities. With the power of education and the self-confidence they are moving steadily toward achieving their dreams. And they have made us very proud in the goals they have chosen.


Many of our girls want to be teachers and nurses, but many of them dream of becoming actresses, photographers, journalists, pilots, or doctors, all dreams that emanate from their deepest desires that would never have been possible before the Hope Home, and it makes us more determined than ever to help more at risk girls. What is so exceptional as well is that the areas many are choosing are not common fields of study that Nepalese girls would consider or even think possible. This is because the Hope girls are determined to take the less travelled road and leave a footprint. In spite of their troublesome and difficult pasts, they are all, every one, exceptional and strong-minded, and rather than lingering in that past, choose instead to leap forward and reach for the stars and a bright future.


Ten of our girls have joined the self-defense class, and we continue to encourage all of the girls to learn these important skills to help keep them confident physically and mentally under any circumstances. Just this year, in 2018, they have won the Interschool Martial Arts Championship!


We can also count among our girls some aspiring writers, because six of them have chosen to learn professional writing under the guidance of writer and scholar, Cindy John. Writing gives them a voice into their lives and helps them create, dream, and share their stories with the world.


Krishma , age 15, says, “I have spent most of my childhood in Hope home and every experience here has made me confident and strong.”


We cannot express how thankful to Arhaus & all individual girls sponsor for helping us change “Girls at Risk into Girls of Change.”


Looking back . . .

Today, when we look back and remember how the girls were when they arrived at the Hope Home, we still feel that fear of what turn their life could have taken without the support of Arhaus. They could have easily fallen into the trap of human trafficking, child abuse, violence, and malnutrition, and many of them could have become child brides without voices of their own, pawns in the continuing cycle of hopeless poverty and ignorance for themselves and their families.


On behalf of all the girls at Hope Home and the Small World family, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Arhaus for their crucial contribution toward girls’ education in Nepal. Their every support will reach far in the lives of many girls, but it is important to realize that yours generous support is reaching much farther than these girls. Your support, just like ripples in a lake, is also extending through these 36 girls for the future benefit of their 36 families and communities.

Self defense class for hope home girls
Self defense class for hope home girls
Gift of education to change begins with her,,,
Gift of education to change begins with her,,,
we are family at hope home
we are family at hope home
Aug 7, 2018

Together we can change the world

Ellie Raymond donating school bags & supplier
Ellie Raymond donating school bags & supplier


 School is a place of dreams for so many children in Nepal, especially those who live in remote Himalayan villages. After the devastating earthquakes of 2015, families were and are still struggling to put together two meals each day. Living under such poor conditions, the possibility for a child to go to school is no more than a faraway dream.


But sometimes dreams do come true, as they have for twelve very grateful students in the village of Phuleli , Taksindu in Solukhumbu District, who are now happily in school!


Thank you to each and every one who has donated to this project and made education possible for these Nepalese children. You have changed their lives! No longer will they grow up illiterate like their mothers and fathers and repeat the same hopeless cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and lack of opportunity for a better life.


Today, their reality is forever charged - and all because of your generous support! Our mission to make these opportunities available to more and more children in Nepal continues, and with your help, more and more dreams will become a reality.


Many thanks

The Small World Nepal on behalf of all children and community members

Ellie Raymond taking group pictures with children
Ellie Raymond taking group pictures with children
children in classroom
children in classroom
Ellie welcoming by children parents in their home
Ellie welcoming by children parents in their home
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