Apr 29, 2021

The Untold Story of Trekking Porter

Abi and his family
Abi and his family

Dear All Friends, Namaste !

Here, we are sharing this Untold Story of how Trekking Porters, Guides and many other vulnerable family who lost their jobs from COVID-19 are affected in The Small World working communities in Solukhumbu, Everest area.

My name is Abi . I am 51 years old and I have been a trekking porter since I was 14 years old. I really have enjoyed being a porter, every season working with people from many countries and helping with their baggage to many mountain areas. I have done some very challenging treks, like Mera Peak base camp, many times to Everest base camp, the Rolwaling valley trek, and the Dolpa trek.

Since this is a seasonal job, I could not save money when I was working, but was able to take care of my family buying rice, sugar, salt, spices, and clothing for my wife and children and my children's education. During the trekking off season, I used to work in a firm with my family growing potatoes, wheat, and some vegetables and chicken to sustain the family.

I could never have imagined anything like this so called COVID-19 that has caused a very unpredictable time in my life. It has been completely over one year that I have not seen any tourists in the Everest region or any jobs for portering. It has been many months since we have even seen any dollars at all.

The most challenging situation right now is my children’s education. Their school re-opened two months ago but I couldn’t send my children due to the financial problem of paying school tuition fees and supplies. Every day, my children want to go to school; my wife is also suffering for a long time from high blood pressure and she has been taking medicine. So, I think probably, I can not send my children this year or until my job resumes. My son is only 6 years old and he is ok for not going to school. But my daughter Arati , 14 years old and in grade 6, is not able to understand our situation. She is very sad and misses her friends, every day crying as she watches them going to school without her. She has also tried to commit suicide. I have tried to find some loan within my communities, but with no luck, since everyone's stories are similar, and I don’t have collateral for a loan from a bank or financial institution.

A few days ago, I heard about The Small World and I came to meet with Karma and shared all my problems; I am praying for my children’s support to send them to school soon.

Everyday The Small World team is working in the filed how we can support children who can't return back to school without our support. Please, we need your support to reach our goal to continue keep children in school this year. for more information about the program visit here https://www.thesmallworld.org/ambassadors-for-education

Trekking porter in Nepal.
Trekking porter in Nepal.
Abi's Daughter & son looking after buffalo & chore
Abi's Daughter & son looking after buffalo & chore
Small World is supporting Abi's daughter and son
Small World is supporting Abi's daughter and son
Apr 22, 2021

Keeping Children in School

Supporting Girls with  gift of education
Supporting Girls with gift of education

Dear Friends and Supporters , Namaste from Nepal ! 

The Small World has been dedicated for years to providing education to children and is convinced of its significance in breaking the cycle of poverty in Nepal.

Today, with the world still suffering from a global pandemic and forced lockdowns, tourism, a major source of income for Nepal, has been virtually nonexistent. With a dearth of tourists and no more burgeoning throngs of trekkers, porters and many others whose livelihoods depend on the tourism sector have been out of work for over a year.

Above and beyond the existing challenges for at risk children whose education and holistic wellbeing we have been supporting, the Covid-19 , lockdown and lost jobs situation has created a new classification of at-risk children, about 35 to 40% in rural areas, who had been attending school but have dropped out due to this loss of family income.

It’s an urgent matter, and we have developed this new program to help before the loss of education creates a crippling situation of further loss. We have seen evidence in the past that more serious future problems for their family and community will most likely manifest unless their education is restored.

The Small World has been blessed for years with the volunteer work of many extraordinary international students who have learned firsthand about the challenges we face in Nepal and the importance of education for its children.

We welcome these special students as well as any other interested high school and university students and volunteers to join this project and participate as Ambassadors for Education. As advocates, they will have free rein to take the initiative and create new avenues to share our information with the world which can also include blogs and established social media – it’s up to them.

On a monthly basis, starting in March 2021, all ambassadors will meet remotely with us to share ideas, inspiration, receive updated information from Nepal, connect with community, and lead as change makers by working locally and impacting globally.

In these meetings, we will also discuss sustainable solutions and work together with the children’s families and local community members to help them come up with ideas for work so they can fund support on their own when this program ends.


• Our urgent hope is to provide 350 children with an education sponsorship program for just one year.

• $1.00 USD a day for one year & yearly $ 350 for a child will cover the school tuitions, uniforms, books, school bag, a set of clothing, and counseling for children and their families.



Dec 16, 2020

A Year End Gift: for The Small World

Happy women supported by  The Small World
Happy women supported by The Small World

Dear Friends, Namaste & Happy Holiday Season to you & your family!

The fact that the year 2020 came with immense challenges for all of us cannot be denied. Though it seems like we are all in the same boat, for Nepal, the Covid-19 pandemic was the third tragedy since 1996 to threaten its progress as a nation and its very survival. For a full decade, the Maoist rebellion rocked the country, finally ending in 2006. Nepal had barely recovered from that trauma when the next overwhelming event occurred - the devastating earthquake of 2015. This pandemic is the most recent in a series of violent and seemingly never-ending upheavals. 

The Maoist insurrection caused the deaths of over 17,000 people, including civilians, insurgents, army and police personnel, destroyed thousands of schools, and resulted in the internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people (mostly in rural Nepal). Though some children have been given education and protective support, due to the lack of funds, many schools still have to be repaired or replaced.

Then, while people were still recovering from the post Maoist Civil War, a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook Nepal on April 25, 2015 killed over 9,000 people and according to UNICEF, destroyed or damaged around 9,000 schools and 30,000 classrooms. Almost one million children were out of school in the immediate aftermath and the quake was followed by a major aftershock on May 12. Government support was very limited post-earthquake and it left civilians without much hope.


On top of these two major events has come the pandemic known as COVID-19, which has completely damaged Nepal and its people. In Nepal, there is no trillion-dollar aid package and there are no unemployment benefits. This is making life very critical here, and people are on the verge of losing everything, including any hope for survival. As a local organization, we need your support now...more than ever.

If at all possible, please consider making a Year End Gift to
The Small World.
 Our work is continuing to make a real difference, but there is still so much to be done.

The Small World is a locally run non-profit organization responding directly to community needs by implementing initiatives through your donations directly and efficiently. Your support also helps us to build capacity at the local level and to provide sustainable community development and support for the long term.
 We make it easy, quick, and safe to support vulnerable communities and children on the ground because we understand their needs better than anyone else.

We were there long before the news cameras arrived, and we’ll be there long after the cameras leave. We know how to make our communities more resilient to future disasters, and we’re already hard at work. All your generous donations and grants make a difference directly on the ground and help to provide support.
As we look ahead to the many challenges of 2021, this year’s Year End Gift from you will be more important than ever for the The Small World and our community.

With your help, we will continue to keep over 3,000 children in schools; over 200 girls in schools & collages; 100 orphans and vulnerable children in a safe place to live with the gift of education; the agricultural support program, “Seeds of Hope" for over 500 women and their families and a thriving future for over 10,000 local community members.

Donate Now at A Year End Gift: to Change the Lives of children

Thank you and Namaste from Nepal.
Karma & Sonam Sherpa
The Small World

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