Oct 7, 2021

Coping with the aftermath of the first few waves

Coronavirus is not leaving Nepal and people are still suffering as a result of previous lockdowns. Now, the Dashain festival has started and people started gathering in huge groups with no social distancing observed. There are worries that another massive increase in cases will follow shortly after the holidays. As almost no tests are being done, it is very difficult to know the real number of infections or even COVID related deaths.

We have been supporting those that have been affected by the virus or by the subsequent lockdowns, and are also on a standby to provide any emergency support when/if needed. We have also been supporting the children that were not able to attend school due to COVID and closed schools. The exams are taking place so we have been providing tutors where we can and enabling the children to pass their exams and ensuring they do not lose another year. 

Luckily, we have been able to get all our staff members vaccinated but we still have to be very careful. All staff who come back from their annual leave, or our new volunteers, are required to self isolate before they start work to ensure the safety of everyone else around them. 

We are also trying to plan a number of sustainable small scale projects aimed at assisting those communities (particularly those from the lowest castes) that have been mostly affected by the current situation. We are hoping to be able to update you with some of those ideas within our next report!

And a massive, massive thank you again for all the support - it means so much!

Jul 26, 2021

The girls we are helping

Our recent work in Province 2 has proven to be very challenging and very rewarding at the same time. We have had to be very patient and acknowledge that sometimes things take 20 times longer in Nepal than we would like them to. 

We are working very close with the police who refer any cases of girls needing assistance to us, and also we get cases referred by local social workers and active outreach work by our staff. 

We have been helping a few rape (including gang rape) victims, sisters who saw their mum being killed by family members and then sent off to work in a hotel, girls trafficked to India who are now at the child helpline there and are being sent to us in the next few days. A lot of tragic stories and a lot of work to be done. Most challenging part is working with the communities who very often do not accept those girls back, or parents not wanting to prosecute the perpetrators as they worry that this will jeopardise future marriage of the girls. So we are now working on a long term plan of working with the communities, changing perception over there and setting up a mini legal clinic that would help bring justice for the girls. 

Our counsellor is providing sessions for the girls that are in our direct care, but also to those that have a place to stay but come to visit us on a daily basis. Through the counselling and sessions with our social worker we are trying to build a plan for possible future training and job opportunities for the older girls. 

Thank you so much for all the support - this means so much, and is really needed as the project expands. 

Jul 25, 2021

This is what our boys have been up to!

With the very harsh second wave of coronavirus, it has been very challenging for the children and the staff. No school, not meetings with friends, not being able to leave the home. The boys have been kept very busy though and luckily are very happy with everything. 

Firstly, we are collecting a lot of eggs from our chickens - so the boys are ecstatic! 

Secondly, they are having online classes everyday and from this month we have started face to face classes outside with some of the teachers from their school. They have also started their monthly sex education classes with a fantastic online teacher as these classes are not a part of the school curriculum. 

When the boys weren't busy with their studies, they were helping with preparing corona relief packages that our staff were distributing to the families that wouldn't be able to survive without those. They all got very involved with that and wanted to help as much as they could - so measuring out the rice or lentils to ensure everyone gets an equal share became a top job for most boys. We are very grateful that we have such wonderful boys.

The boys also got a yoga and meditation course kindly organised for free for us and now they seem to be experts! Apart from their yoga practice they have also been mastering their arts and crafts skills - all so wonderful to see. 

We have also had 2 new boys joining us so the rest of the children have been making sure they settle in well. Our counsellor who is based in Janakpur, went to visit our children's home and child helpline and did her initial face to face counselling with all the children, and now she is doing regular online counselling sessions via video calls. 

We now have to be very careful with the coronavirus and until more people get vaccinated, we will continue just with online and in house classes. We will keep you updated on all the progress of the boys.

A massive thank you again for all your support!

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